Chocolate Easter Ecstasy Bunnies Seized at Belgian Airport

A shipment of chocolate Easter bunnies won’t be making it to the store shelves this Easter after Customs officials at Brussels Zaventem International Airport discovered they were made of solid MDMA or, as we know it, Ecstasy.

This week, a shipment of rabbits seized by veteran customs officer Pol Meuleneire was manufactured from a solid lump of MDMA, the raw material for pills of the rave drug ecstasy.

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Belgium earned its reputation as the gateway into Europe for Latin American cocaine trafficking. Still, Belgium has become the go-to for mail-order synthetic drugs shipped worldwide.

Easter Ecstasy Bunnies

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Meuleneire will retire in a few months after a 43-year career in Belgium’s customs service. Things were simpler when he began his career, and cannabis was the drug most trafficked.

Forty-three years later, his office is overflowing with suspicious packages, bags, jars of illegal pills, and various types of drugs.

Florence Angelici, the spokeswoman for the Belgian Customs Service, stated,

“In 2022, we got to nearly six tons of drugs seized here at the airport” “It goes all over the world. Today, people can order online on the ‘dark web’ in a few clicks and can decide what they want and have it delivered to their homes.”

The false chocolate bunnies had been parceled up and posted in Belgium, addressed to a buyer in Hong Kong, only to be intercepted at the Brussels airport freight terminal.

Meuleneire pressed his handheld scanner — which uses Raman spectroscopy to identify substances by their chemical fingerprint — against one supposed chocolate rabbit and took a reading.

The screen flashed green, and the analysis was clear: “Caution: MDMA (ecstasy)” “So you see? It’s pure MDMA; with one kilogram, you make six thousand ecstasy pills.”

A Peppa Pig branded lunchbox destined for New Zealand proved innocent but was packed into a corrugated plastic parcel divider containing ketamine.

A toy chemistry set for studying the growth of crystals contained a shrink-wrapped bag of crystal meth, an illegal and addictive synthetic stimulant.

Souvenirs in Meuleneire’s workspace include portraits of Jesus Christ in frames stuffed with drugs, teddy bears full of pills, and copper pipes packed with veterinary tranquilizers.

Luckily this shipment isn’t going anywhere, and there are more real chocolate bunnies for Easter.

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