Chip Roy Makes Case for Ron DeSantis – ‘America Needs a Leader’

Texas Congressman Chip Roy officially endorsed Governor Ron DeSantis for President on Saturday, saying that he stands “100%” behind his campaign. Roy, who previously indicated his support for DeSantis prior to his campaign launch, laid out his support for the Florida Governor in a statement published to the social media platform X.

“I stand 100% alongside this wonderful woman & her husband, [Ron DeSantis], because they are truly good & decent people,” Roy wrote in response to a post by Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis. “America needs THAT again.”

“I proudly fight for [Ron DeSantis] to be our GOP nominee for President because it’s time to #MeetTheMoment & WIN again. #DeSantis2024,” Roy continued.

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Roy, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, previously threw his support behind Governor DeSantis in March, prior to the launch of his presidential campaign. Roy has consistently signaled his support for DeSantis over the former President in the 2024 race to the White House.

“The next President of the United States must be a vibrant and energetic leader with the faith, vision, and courage to chart a new course,” Roy told his supporters in an email earlier this year.

“America needs a leader who will truly defend her and empower the people against the destructive force of unrestrained government and corporate excess, profligate spending, and woke cultural indoctrination. That leader is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.”

On Saturday, Roy also took another jab at former President Trump, after a social media user commented that Roy’s endorsement “doesn’t matter.” The Texas Republican fired back, writing,

“Well – [Ron DeSantis] is debating Newsom on [Fox News] next week. Trump is not showing up to debates…”

Despite Roy’s conservative record in Congress, the Texas congressman split from Trump following the 2020 election, after rejecting claims that the election had been stolen.

When Roy made a bid for the House Republican Conference chair in 2021 following the ouster of Liz Cheney, Trump endorsed his opponent, Elise Stefanik.

“Can’t imagine Republican House Members would go with Chip Roy—he has not done a great job, and will probably be successfully primaried in his own district,” Trump said in a press release at the time. “I support Elise, by far, over Chip!”

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Roy’s formalizing of his endorsement makes him the latest conservative figure to throw their support behind Governor DeSantis in the 2024 election. His statement follows the recent endorsements by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and Iowa evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats–just two months before the state’s Republican primary caucuses are scheduled to begin.

This week, DeSantis is expected to go toe-to-toe against California Governor Gavin Newsom in a televised debate on Fox News. The event, titled “DeSantis vs. Newsom: The Great Red vs. Blue State Debate,” will take place in Georgia and will be moderated by Fox host Sean Hannity.

“He caters to a very far left slice of the electorate,” DeSantis said of his opponent in an interview with Fox last week. “I think that will be on display when we have the debate,”

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