Chicago Police Stations Converted into Migrant Camps Amidst Biden Border Disaster

Chicago police stations are now being turned into migrant camps for illegal immigrants as Biden’s border crisis continues and community members get testier.

Recent footage filmed by videographer Rebecca Brannon on Sunday shows row after row of makeshift beds on the floors of precinct houses, with young kids among those sleeping or running around and playing. Personal belongings, some in plastic trash bags, can be seen littered around the lobbies and mounted high against glass windows as other migrants lounge around outside listening to music.

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Brannon reported that she found the camps while visiting eight different stations Sunday across the sanctuary city, which has already declared a state of emergency over the overwhelming influx of border crossers.

“Numerous Chicago police stations are serving as makeshift shelters for migrants and are dealing with bed bugs, illnesses, food and basic healthcare shortages. Some migrants I spoke with have been here from days to weeks and don’t know where they will go.”


According to Brannon, the police are receiving no assistance from local or city governments in dealing with the influx of migrants into the sanctuary city.

“I visited 8 stations Sunday afternoon across Chicago. Each location varies in support and supplies, solely relying on local residents’ donations or volunteers. A police source speaking on anonymity shared that they are receiving no assistance from the City or Government, leaving them to personally support those in need, such as purchasing food or baby wipes.

Police clarified that the station is meant to be a temporary, one-day shelter and can’t handle multiple days of occupancy. Alderman Nick Sposato said it was “impossible” for police to continue doing their jobs under the circumstances.

One South Side officer told  Book Club Chicago that he had spent over 300 dollars in personal funds for the purpose.

“When someone needs in front of us, you can’t turn a blind eye. Look what’s here; it’s children,” she said. “We are flying by the seat of our pants, and it’s been months and months now. I don’t think our city was prepared at all.”

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Brannon corroborates this idea, claiming that the government was warned about the coming crisis in advance, even by former Mayor Lori Lightfoot. However, they did not prepare for the stream of hundreds a day.


According to the Chicago Sun-Times, last month, aides to former Mayor Lori Lightfoot warned city council members that Chicago was out of money, space, and time to handle the humanitarian crisis caused by migrants descending on the city that sees roughly 100-200 arriving per day.”

New Progressive Mayor Brandon Johnson visited the precincts in person. Still, he offered little in the way of actual policy solutions, opting instead to call on partners for charity, insisting on “never close our doors.”

At the same time, Johnson has condemned the border states bussing the migrants north, partly to relieve pressure on their overtaxed systems, as “unconscionable.”

Pressure continues to build as migrants arrive, with no change to address the issue. It seems inevitable that something will have to give eventually.

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