Chelsea Clinton Gets Rocked for Supporting Pornagraphic Content For Kids

Chelsea Clinton, daughter to Former President Bill Clinton and Former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, tweeted her opposition to protecting children from pornographic content.

Clinton took to Twitter recently to publicly voice her disapproval of what she called “book bans—claiming that the high proportion of LGBT-themed books on the list was proof of active discrimination.


“Over 50% of the attempted book bans last year involved books with LGBTQ+ characters & themes. Books are a vital way that children, adolescents and adults learn about themselves and our world. Bans such as these are nothing but harmful:”

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The article that she includes bangs a similar drum. NBC News asked Deborah Caldwell-Stone, director of the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, for her take on the manner.


“It’s a way of telling young gay and transgender persons that they don’t belong in school, that they don’t belong to the community… It sends a message to the LGBTQ community as a whole that they’re not considered full citizens with full rights to participate in community institutions like the library.”

Neither woman mentioned an alternative theory: the books were banned for sexual content, and LGBT-themed children’s books represent many books in school libraries that meet that description.

Seth Dillon, CEO of the conservative satire site the Babylon Bee, voiced his support for the idea very clearly in his response to Clinton.


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Dillon also retweeted Clinton’s position, including a video debunking narratives around Florida’s policies on content made available to children in school.


Other Twitter users reacting to Clinton’s position were similarly displeased.


“The photo on the article you’re quoting features a book with explicit illustrations of sex acts, a book about incest, one a sex story about two 10 year old boys, one about a man raping and isolating a 12 year old girl, one about a teen girl who seduces a man who kidnaps her…”

“Hey, Chelsea, are you saying you think porn and other sexual obscenities are LGBT themes? Are you saying you think that’s how all LGBT people, and characters, do/should behave? These books not being widely or publicly available are for a reason, and it’s not because there’s an attack on LGBT people. I know you need that narrative to cling to desperately to further your politics, but it’s not the truth.”

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