Cheating Colorado Dentist Searched Internet for DIY Recipes to Poison and Murder His Wife

Colorado Dentist James Toliver Craig, 45, of Aurora, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in connection with the “complex and calculated” poisoning death of his wife, Aurora police said early Sunday morning.

Officials said Craig and his wife, suffering from “severe headaches and dizziness,” arrived at a local hospital at about 8:45 p.m. on Wednesday. She was placed on a ventilator after her “condition deteriorated rapidly,” police said in a statement, adding, “She was declared medically brain dead a short time later.”


James Toliver Craig

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An investigation into her “sudden” death showed she’d been poisoned, said Mark Hildebrand, a division chief with the department.

Aurora Police Major Crimes Homicide Unit detectives launched an intensive investigation into the suspicious death. The investigation revealed the victim was poisoned. A warrant for first-degree murder was obtained early Sunday morning, shortly after doctors decided to take the victim off life support.

“When the suspicious details of this case came to light, our team of officers and homicide detectives tirelessly worked to uncover the truth behind the victim’s sudden illness and death,” said Division Chief Mark Hildebrand. “It was quickly discovered this was, in fact, a heinous, complex, and calculated murder. I am very proud of our Major Crimes Homicide Unit’s hard work in solving this case and pursuing justice for the victim.”

According to investigators, James Craig used a shared computer at his workplace to conduct online searches about poison.

The searches on YouTube and Google included: ‘how many grams of pure arsenic will kill a human.’ ‘Is Arsenic Detectable in Autopsy?’ ‘Top 5 Undetectable Poisons That Show No Signs of Foul Play,’ ‘how to make poison,’ and ‘The Top 10 Deadliest Plants (They Can Kill You).’

Craig exchanged ‘intimate’ and ‘sexually explicit’ emails with an orthodontist from Austin, Texas. He flew the woman to see him while his wife fought for her life in the hospital before doctors turned off her life support.

The affidavit said Craig planned to: ‘end his wife’s life by searching for ways to kill someone undetected, providing her poisons that align with her hospitalized symptoms, and working on starting a new life with [his lover].’

Craig allegedly ordered the arsenic online on February 27 and received a package at home on March 4. Craig began adding the arsenic to his wife’s protein shakes and gave Angela’ extra protein’ that morning before a workout ‘because she was feeling sluggish. After the workout, Angela became faint and dizzy, and ultimately James took Angela to the hospital,’ the affidavit said.

Angela returned to the hospital on March 9 and was rereleased on March 14 as doctors could not find anything, believing it was a sinus infection.

Craig received another package of poison which arrived at his work on March 13. when one of the employees opened it, she found a biohazard sticker and a canister labeled ‘Potassium Cyanide.’ The employee searched for the chemical compound online and realized the symptoms of cyanide poisoning were similar to the symptoms Angela was experiencing. When the employee heard Angela had been readmitted to the hospital on March 15, she told Craig’s business partner, who then told a nurse to check up on her during a visit.

The nurse called the police, and her death was investigated by Major Crimes Homicide Unit detectives, who determined she was poisoned.

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The investigation remains active and ongoing. Anyone with any information about the case is asked to contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867).

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