ChatGPT Doesn’t Care What You Want, It Supports Trans ‘Women’ in Female Sports

NCAA athlete Macy Petty claims ChatGPT scolded her over a prompt to shorten a tweet against trans women in bio women’s sports by telling her it’s important not to exclude anyone based on gender, according to the NY Post.


I was trying to explain [in the tweet] that I’m an NCAA athlete and that it’s important to champion the voice of female athletes and to stand up against this ideological war that’s going on that’s putting women in danger and taking away the opportunities for scholarships, Macy Petty, a volleyball player at Lee University, told FOX News Digital this week.

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According to a video that athlete Petty shared on Instagram, the bot responded to the request with a scolding message reminding her that;

It’s important to emphasize inclusivity and equality in sports rather than promoting exclusion based on gender.

This isn’t the first time ChatGPT has been said to be biased. In what feels like years ago, in February 2023,   I wrote this Florida Jolt article about left-leaning ChatGPT.

I’ve had more irritating experiences with ChatGPT since then. First and foremost, if you use it, remember that the information isn’t always correct, meaning it shouldn’t be your only source when doing research. I’ve also found that it claims not to be able to give you an opinion but that many responses are opinion based and completely biased. My tolerance threshold could have gotten lower, but ChatGPT seems more preachy now than when I first used it. I feel like I’m being lectured by an annoying college student who hasn’t had much life experience and probably lives somewhere like Portland, Oregon. 

Here’s what my latest exchange looks like. First, I asked it to write a tweet. It felt the need to explain that it was neutral and wouldn’t give an insulting statement. Notice I didn’t ask it for something positive or negative. 

Next, it gave me a Tweet with a definite opinion that isn’t remotely neutral.

Notice I push back against the bias, and it gives me a neutral Tweet.

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Now I push back more to see if a bot will now impose its belief system on me, even though it supposedly doesn’t have one. First, it gives a two-sided response, and then it gives me a lecture about what should be happening in the world of sports in the name of inclusivity.

Then I press the issue, which shows my opinion, and the bot gives a two-sided argument, but I would say giving the reason to allow trans women in sports argument first is showing bias.

I go in for the kill and ask for a Tweet about why trans women shouldn’t compete in women’s sports. The bot shoots me down and flat-out says that trans women should have the right to compete in sports that align with their gender identity. I don’t see how ChatGPT can claim to be even remotely neutral with this liberal answer that many would never agree with.

Lastly, I go in for the kill again and ask the opposite command to write a Tweet about why trans women should compete in women’s sports.

This answer is ridiculous. We must understand what we’re dealing with here. AI can manipulate people if they don’t know they’re not getting factual information. The answers aren’t from the Encyclopedia Brittanica. I’m unsure if the answers are as good as Wikipedia, which is often wrong. The answers are only as good as the people programming these AI tools. It is essential to understand that the answers generated are opinion based and not factual, despite the claim of neutrality. If we start depending on AI to teach children, we will live in a world of progressive little robots.

Editors Note: ChatGPT can give different answers to the same question depending on the wording of the “chat” you’re having with it. It does have strong opinions on transgenders in female sports, and another tester of ours got a different answer than Tracy did, but ChatGPT still refused to write the tweet as requested.

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