Charlie Crist gets shouted down by pro-abortion fanatics [VIDEO]

In the state of Florida, abortion has taken front and center as Democratic Gubernatorial candidates Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist have fought over their records on the issue.

Nikki Fried, who is currently trailing Crist in both fundraising and polling, has attacked the former Governor of Florida for his pro-life beliefs when he was a Republican. She highlighted his appointment of a pro-life Justice to the State Supreme Court.

In late June, Fried released a video advertisement on Twitter that showed Crist calling himself pro-life and saying that “nothing has changed” when he was asked about his pro-life record as Governor.

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The heated rhetoric on abortion, where pro-abortion activists across the country have accused Democratic politicians of not doing enough, reached a fever pitch this weekend in Florida.

Hundreds of pro-abortion activists shouted down Charlie Crist as well as other Democratic politicians who attempted to stand with the activists and be friendly to them.  The protest was emblematic of the frustration that Democratic activists are feeling towards politicians in their party right now.

Charlie Crist was seen leaving a Democratic Conference happening in Tampa this weekend when protesters followed him to his car and could be heard yelling “Voting blue is not enough, Democrats we call your bluff!”

State Senator Janet Cruz, D-Tampa, also attempted to support the protesters standing outside the Democratic convention in Tampa but was reportedly chased away from the demonstration.

Protesters did not stop at going after Democratic politicians, they also attempted to confront conservative activists who were holding a Moms for Liberty conference in Tampa at the same time as the Democratic conference going on in the city.

DeSantis signed a 15-week abortion ban in to law this year that is currently being appealed in Florida courts.

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