CHAOS – Trans Activists Hijack Mic, Scuffle with Sergeant-At-Arms

A drama unfolded in the Texas State Senate on Friday morning as an emboldened trans activist spoke over time, and another activist began wrestling with the Sergeant-at-Arms ordered to remove her. The speaker was 40 seconds over her allotted two-minute time and given repeated notices and buzzer notifications to evacuate the mic before the Sergeant-at-Arms approached her.

The shocking footage comes amidst efforts by the lone star state to prohibit child drag performers and ban drag shows with children in attendance.

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Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick posted the video to Twitter, accompanied by a statement in which he condemned the activists’ behavior, saying, “this is unacceptable and will not be permitted.”

Some Twitter users complained about the lack of decisive action by state officials, asking why the transgender speaker was allowed to pull off the viral stunt with no legal repercussions.

TikTok user “soph4president” posted up-close footage of the altercation on her TikTok page, offering support to the unruly speaker. The user, real name Sophie Marie, had testified to the Texas senate earlier in the day in which she objected to the bill on the grounds of her “third-grade class having no problems with drag.” Commenters on elementary teacher’s post applauded the video, with some even saying they wished she was their teacher.

The trans activist devoted the final seconds of her speech to calling the legislators Nazis, ending the spectacle with the line, “If you wish to eradicate transgenderism from the public light as members of your party have said…you can pry that from my cold, dead hands.” The activist’s speech included several other references to Nazism, claiming that Republicans likened themselves to “a small man with an even smaller mustache,” an unapologetic comparison to the 20th-century German dictator responsible for the systematic murder of millions.

“[This is] rhetoric intended to strike fear into the hearts of the people and the state. I will not sit here and debate your fascist ideology… of intolerance deserve no such stage on a public forum… we may not win today, and we may not win tomorrow, but we will persist as we always have.”

After being cut off by the mic and surrounded by state officials, the activist finished her tirade by yelling at the legislators. She was allowed to remain in her seat following the animated conclusion of the speech.

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In response to similar bills around the country, the “Trans Radical Activist Network” is planning a “trans day of vengeance,” a play on the regular “trans day of visibility,” in Washington D.C. on April 1st with firearms training allegedly planned to be offered at the event. Zealous activists have been claiming that the Republican-led effort to protect children from sexual drag performances is part of an ongoing trans genocide similar to that of Adolf Hitler – which has been disproved by several news outlets. The altercation at the Texas state capitol represents yet another escalation of trans radicalism in America.

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