CFO Jimmy Patronis: Florida Treasury to Purchase Additional $120 Million in Israel Bonds

Brings Florida’s total Israel Bond investment to $200 Million ~

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. –Florida Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis announced the Florida Treasury will invest an additional $120 million in Israel bonds. The announcement comes following terrorist attacks in Israel on October 7 and further highlights and strengthens the relationship between Florida and Israel. After a recent purchase of $25 million in Israel Bonds, this additional bond purchase brings Florida’s total current investment in Israel bonds to $200 million, the largest total ever held at one time by the Florida Treasury. Under CFO Patronis’ direction since 2017, the Florida Treasury has now purchased $310 million in Israel bonds to diversify the state’s investment portfolio as part of a long-range investment strategy that has generated approximately $6.4 million in interest from these investments.

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CFO Jimmy Patronis said,

“Following the horrific terrorist attacks by Hamas on October 7th, I vowed to assist our allies in Israel both morally and monetarily. To that end, I’m proud to announce the purchase of another $120 million in Israel bonds by the Florida State Treasury. This brings Florida’s current total investment in Israel bonds to $200 million. Israel bonds are a prudent use of state funds and offer a consistently positive return on investment. As we’ve seen throughout history, Democracy and freedom are fragile, and Florida proudly stands with Israel, the only democratic nation in the Middle East. My heart goes out to the people of Israel and Jewish Americans throughout our country, and I continue to encourage other state treasurers to support Israel by purchasing Israel bonds today.”

Israel Bonds Executive Director Mark Ruben said,

“Thank you to CFO Patronis and Floridians statewide for your ongoing support of Israel through the purchase of Israel Bonds. This is not only a smart and sound investment for the citizens of the State of Florida, but it is an investment that supports the people of Israel as they fight to protect their country from the terrorists of Hamas.”

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Chairman of the Israel Bonds National and International Board of Directors and a resident of Florida Howard L. Goldstein said,

“The message from the people of Florida to our brothers and sisters in Israel is that you are remarkable. Stand strong, and you will never be alone. Florida has continually demonstrated that it strongly stands with the Jewish State today and forever. Israel bonds has proven time and time again that it is a crucial component of Israel’s financial wellbeing.”

Over the last 72 years, Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds and its affiliates have generated more than $49 billion worldwide in financial support for the building and development of every sector of Israel’s economy. Israel bonds are a smart investment, with strong rates, and are meaningful investments, serving as a symbolic connection with Israel and the people of Israel for Jews worldwide. For more information, visit

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