Casey DeSantis Fires Back at Liberal Media Labeling Her ‘Walmart Melania’ & ‘America’s Karen’

Casey DeSantis punched back against the liberal media, who recently disparaged her as a “Walmart Melania” and “America’s Karen.”

“One thing that the corporate media did get right about me, I do shop at Walmart,” the Florida First Lady joked in an interview with Fox & Friends. Her husband, Governor Ron DeSantis, smiled alongside her.

“When they come after you, and they’re just calling you names, that means they don’t want to litigate the merits of their case,” Casey told host Ainsley Earhardt. “They don’t want to have that conversation. They want to call you names.”

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Earlier this month, Casey DeSantis was mocked by MSNBC analyst David Jolly–a former Republican congressman from Florida. Jolly referred to her as “America’s Karen” during a segment on the Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart.

“Casey DeSantis is a fairly compelling political figure in Florida, and now nationally. For many, she’s the brighter side to Florida’s angry governor. For others, she’s become America’s Karen,” ~ David Jolly

Last month, she was similarly derided by Daily Beast executive editor Katie Baker, who labeled her a “Walmart Melania” compared to the former First Lady.

“You’ve even been criticized for your eyebrows,” Earhardt added. “How do you deal with the criticism?”

“They want to try to get you to back down, but I can tell you the number one thing, we will not back down when it comes to our family,” Casey DeSantis responded.

“We can do something to change the trajectory, and indeed preserve our American republic, and we can take one for the team by getting hit on behalf of the people of this country,”

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“We’re going to fight for your family, we’re going to fight for our family, and we’re going to fight for America going forward,” the Florida First Lady continued.

During the interview, Casey DeSantis also opened up about her experience battling breast cancer, becoming tearful at one point.

“About a year and a half ago, I didn’t know whether I would see my kids graduate from kindergarten,” she told Earhardt. Her husband comforted her as she described what it was like to undergo treatment while raising three young children.

“The hard part, for me, I had a four, three, and one-year-old in the house and it is like very, very difficult when you look at your children and they don’t know…

To this day, they still don’t know, they have no idea what Mama went through… I went through six rounds of chemotherapy, six weeks of radiation, and three surgeries. I couldn’t use my left arm. I told them I hurt my arm because I didn’t want to tell them.”

She credited her husband with helping her through her battle with breast cancer, saying, “Through God’s grace, I’m here, and this guy helped me more than he will ever realize.”

Casey DeSantis was first diagnosed with cancer in October 2021. She reported being cancer-free in March 2022 after five months of treatment.

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