Carlson, Trump Warn That ‘Dangerous Lunatic’ Biden May Start WW3

Former president Donald Trump joined Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday and issued a dire warning about Joe Biden’s game of nuclear chicken with Russia. As the war in Ukraine rages well into its second year, Biden continues to face sharp criticism from Trump, who says that the 80-year-old president’s handling of the Russian invasion threatens to plunge the U.S. into World War 3. Carlson agreed with the former president’s concerns and referred to Biden as a “dangerous lunatic.”

“For the past seven years, the neocon media establishment has been telling you that Donald Trump is a dangerous lunatic. In two years in office, Joe Biden has brought the world to the brink of nuclear Holocaust.

“Who’s the dangerous lunatic?” Carlson asked, taking a stab at Biden’s response to the war. Current estimates place the United States’ contributions to the war at over $200 billion. The World Bank estimates that another $540 billion will be required to rebuild Ukraine after the war.

In March, it was reported that Vladimir Putin was planning to move part of Russia’s nuclear arsenal into Belarus.

“And they’re lecturing you about global warming,” Carlson added

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In his first interview since his March 30 arraignment in New York City, Donald Trump sat down with Carlson and blasted Biden for his reckless foreign policy. Trump criticized Biden for traveling to Ireland while he says the country is on the verge of World War 3.

“He is now in Ireland, he is not going to have a news conference when the world is exploding… The world is exploding around us. You could end up in a third world war and this guy is going to be in Ireland and not having a news conference. He hasn’t had a news conference in months.”

Trump has frequently criticized the Biden administration’s foreign policy and has made repeated calls for diplomacy since launching his 2024 presidential campaign in November. Trump has pledged to scale back U.S. involvement in Ukraine if he retakes the White House.

Talking to Carlson, Trump added, “At the beginning, Biden was very afraid of nuclear” before continuing to say that the Russians “have nuclear weapons.”

“Every day Putin mentions it, and every day other people mention it, and now all of a sudden, if you look other countries are talking about getting it.”

During the interview, Trump suggested that China may be as close as five years away from having the same nuclear capabilities as the United States.

“I consider it to be the single greatest threat the world has, far greater than global warming, like not even a contest… but now Putin is mentioning it all the time.”

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During the Easter weekend, Trump offered the same criticism of the current president, posting on Truth Social that Biden was threatening to kick off a world war while at the same time leaving the country in decline.

“The good ol’ USA is losing so much, so fast, that at the end of the 1 1/2 years remaining in the most incompetent administration in history, we may not even have a Country left. There’s an INVASION at our Border, we’re about to lose our ‘Dollar’ as the World Standard, and we could, because of ‘Stupid People,’ end up in World War lll. The only things they do well is CHEATING ON ELECTIONS, DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGNS, and WEAPONIZING THE JUSTICE SYSTEM. We are a Nation in Decline, a Failing Nation!!!”

During his interview with Carlson, Trump added that he does not believe Biden will run for re-election. If Biden were to win the 2024 election, he would be 82 years old at the time of his next inauguration.

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