California’s Black Reparations Cost Surges to $800 Billion – or More

According to economists, California’s new plan for black reparations could cost as much as 800 billion dollars – or more.

The project, which would be the most expensive reparations project in American history, comes from a state that never experienced slavery and fought on the side of the union in the civil war. California Governor Gavin Newsom said that the purpose of the reparations was to “compensate Black residents for generations of over-policing, disproportionate incarceration, and housing discrimination.”

The California Reparations Task Force (CRTF), commissioned by Gov. Newsom, has had a tumultuous history. Its first year of operation in 2020 saw a recommendation of $223,329 per “eligible” black resident. This number has since shot up, with proposals seeking more than 5 million dollars per eligible black resident.

Some activists on the left have called this new measure “justice,” while others said at a recent CRTF meeting that it is still not enough. The proposed per-person dollar amount has increased more than 340 percent since the force’s creation. The proposed 800 billion dollar measure is more than double the annual budget of the state of California. The California Legislative Analyst’s Office recently announced that the state already has a deficit of around 30 billion dollars, raising concerns about how California will pay for the reparations.

One speaker proposed another increase to the proposal’s nearly one trillion dollar price tag.

“I believe that 5 million in reparations is too little for the work that foundational Black Americans have done for this country and as well for other countries. I believe that 7.6 million [dollars] is a number that can be used very wisely in our foundational Black American communities.”

Another speaker, activist Reverend Tony Pierce, also voiced his concerns over the 5 million dollar lump-sum being too little, referencing a recent reparations proposal in San Francisco that offers similar reparations payments.

“Where’s the money? Where’s the cash? Where’s the check? $5 million, San Francisco’s already made a move. $5 million is nothing, and I’ll tell you why.”

The speaker continued, saying, “to try to keep holding foundational Black Americans back from what is due for us is just another form of slavery.”  He claimed that anything less than his proposed 7.6 million dollars per person is “preposterous” and “totally absurd.”

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Some online spoke in support of the measure, saying that racism is expensive relative to the 800 billion dollar reparations proposal.

Many Americans reacted with shock and anger upon hearing the latest demands of the CRTF. Many said they don’t believe the reparations will genuinely end the race-based identity politics that has gripped America.

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According to task force member Lisa Holder, the reparations task force is expected to make a “breathtaking” recommendation to the California state legislature on July 1st, 2023. Gov. Newsom has indicated that he will be signing off on the proposals when they reach his office, whether the state can afford it or not.

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