California Proposes ‘Equitable’ Income-Based Electric Bill Payments

The California state legislature is preparing a bill that would make electricity bill payments based solely on income, leaving many in the state outraged. The new bill creates a tier system based on income with prices increasing as annual income increases.

The tier system would see those making less than 28,000 dollars annually pay just 15 dollars a month, and those making more than 180,000 dollars pay up to 128 dollars a month. The bill notably separates this fee from the actual electricity “use” charge, according to Business Insider – meaning that the actual cost of monthly electricity could be hundreds more than the stated fee – and hundreds above the national average.

The move comes as American electric bills skyrocket owing to reckless spending and the subsequent inflation, the Russia-Ukraine war, and a “decarbonization” effort that has left the state experiencing third-world-esque rolling blackouts. Many in the state already pay nearly double the national average for electricity.

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The California state legislature has justified the move as necessary to finance their radical climate agenda, much to the joy of the electric companies – who will see a nice income boost – that parrot the same “climate change” talking points.

“these reformed residential rate structures are urgently needed to support achievement of the state’s decarbonization goals.” ~Joint Testimony of California’s ‘big three’ electric companies.

The state’s Democrats have also been repeating rhetoric about “equity,” saying that the tiered electricity bill payments are more “equitable and fair.” Many California residents don’t see it that way. After years of being promised reduced energy prices in exchange for radical energy conservation measures, the state’s increasingly small wealthy population feels scammed.

Speaking to the Washington Post, resident Ronald Dawson said he lives without air conditioning and only runs his washer during peak energy output hours. But, despite his electrical austerity, he will see a substantial increase in his monthly bill. Dawson called it a “bait and switch.”

Californians, already subject to radical criminal justice reform policies that leave their communities dangerous, are facing an increasingly difficult living situation owing to a plethora of “climate” mandates that are simply impossible to fulfill. California recently mandated a phase-out of heavy diesel-based trucks, which the state’s residents rely on for the delivery of goods from across the country. The Pacific Research Institute says California lacks the energy production to sustain an electric truck fleet by a massive 20 percent.

Refusing to let California’s radicalism destroy the rest of the country, more than 19 other states have sued in response.

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Simply put, California is legislating radical “climate change” solutions and refusing to find solutions to the consequences. Already leading the country in cost of living, homelessness, and drug overdoses, California Democrats have turned a previously decent state into a progressive hell that residents are rapidly fleeing from. Hundreds of thousands have already left the state.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the state’s population has declined by more than 500,000 since 2020.

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