Caitlyn Jenner Calls on ‘Alpha Male’ Trump to Prevent ‘End’ of America

Fox News contributor and Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner sternly warned about the “end” of America this week and said the only way to prevent doomsday might be to elect an “alpha male” like Donald Trump. Jenner has established himself as a staunch ally of the former president, referring to Trump as a longtime friend and appearing at Mar-a-Lago last week. In a wide-ranging interview with Sky News Australia, he supported Trump to replace Joe Biden. He accused Democrats of destroying the social fabric of the United States.

“Joe Biden has been the worst president ever in history,” Jenner told host Rita Panahi on Thursday.

“He has done more damage to this country, to the family unit, to the middle class than any president in history barring none. Nobody’s even close… I am a parent. I raised 10 children. I’m coming up on 22 grandchildren. The parents are responsible to raise those children, not the state.”

According to Jenner, a second Biden term would be “the end” of America.

“I don’t even want to think about Joe Biden winning again… He’s done so much damage to this country. He’s destroyed our economy, he’s destroyed our borders, he’s destroyed our international influence around the world. We have become a joke because we have such a weak leader. That has to change.”

However, the former Olympian says there is still hope if only America elects “alpha male” Donald Trump to replace Joe Biden.

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“America sees that and in a year and a half they’re going to have some options.”

Jenner told Panahi that despite the damage done to the country by Joe Biden and his ilk, America is “still at the point where if we get the right person in there.”

“From my standpoint, I hope that’s Donald Trump… What we need right now in the White House is we need kind of like an alpha male that can get in there, knows what he’s doing. And Donald Trump knows what he’s doing.”

Jenner said that Trump is well qualified to sit in the Oval Office since “he’s already been there” and “knows how to fix things.” The reality TV star praised Trump’s “great track record,” including reshaping the federal judiciary, establishing the U.S. Space Force, and killing ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“So if that’s the case is Donald Trump is the nominee, I would support him, Yes,”

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Even after giving a glowing recommendation to the former president, Jenner still maintained that he would be willing to support any Republican candidate who might clinch the nomination.

“I’ll support any of the Republicans,” Jenner said. “We got to get the Democrats out of there.”

On a final note during the interview, Jenner also addressed the recent sidelining of Tucker Carlson at Fox News,

“Tucker, I wish him well… As of right now, I don’t know what the next step is going to be, but I thought he was great on Fox News and we’ll see where he goes from here.”

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