Bud Light Releases Desperate New Ad, Ruthlessly and Hilariously Mocked

Beer company turned trans activist group Bud Light broke a nearly 3-month silence streak on Twitter with the release of a new ad, only to be laughed at by almost 20 thousand angry and mocking replies.

While prior Tweets average 300-600 thousand views, the brand’s “grand return” to Twitter garnered nearly five million views.

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Satirical media company “The Babylon Bee” posted a response video mocking a Bud Light customer being “caught” drinking by his friends. The reply gained nearly ten times as many likes as the original post.

Boca Raton resident Charles Weber posted a less-than-flattering and Bud Light-laden imitation of Dylan Mulvaney’s “Days of Girlhood” social media campaign, which followed the life of the trans influencer while they transitioned. The brewer’s collaboration with male-to-female transgender Mulvaney started the mass backlash in early April.

Several Twitter users demanded the company give an apology statement, saying they wouldn’t buy any of its beer until it mass-advertised a humiliating “sorry” to its former customers.

“Have you apologized yet for slamming your loyal customers? Have you admitted that you weren’t trying to expand your demographic, you were trying to replace it and gain points for the vaunted CEI? You jumped into politics and picked sides. Have you come out and admitted how much you regret that? Until that commercial airs, this is too little, too late.” ~@Cobeekat on Twitter

Some referenced the “fratty” nature of the ad. “Frat” culture – a reference to college fraternities and their heavy drinking reputation- is something that top marketing executives at the company said they wanted to distance themselves from just before entering the culture war.

“Pretty fratty of a commercial, almost like they realized telling majority of your fan base to f*ck off, and chop off your genitals or get out, didn’t work at all. Shocker.” ~@obithat on Twitter

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Dylan Mulvaney, famous for their over-the-top mannerisms that many have said are caricaturing women, catalyzed Bud Light’s financial and PR nightmare. Since entering into a partnership with the trans influencer, the Anheuser-Busch subsidiary has seen a consistent boycott that has cost the company billions.

Bud Light
Dylan Mulvaney at the Rockefeller Building, March 2023 (Credit: Shutterstock Creative Commons)


According to CBS, sales for May 2023 were 23 percent lower than in May 2022. Similarly, April sales plunged after the partnership, which saw Dylan Mulvaney’s face plastered on cans, was announced early in the month.

Though some analysts believe the beer company is almost out of the storm, former customers have, as evidenced by the continuously low sales, remained steadfast in their boycott.

“Let’s get one thing straight. You’re not redeeming yourselves. You did what you did, now you’re paying for it. That’s the way it goes. Just like all of these other companies that think they’re going to suck up to everyone else after Pride Month is over. Not gonna happen.” ~@QPsyOps on Twitter

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