Ex-Bud Light Partner Dylan Mulvaney Adopts New ‘Starvation’ Look

Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender influencer who gained national attention after having their face plastered on Bud Light cans, recently unveiled a new look that onlookers are saying is the result of “starvation and anorexia.”

Having seemingly lost weight and dyeing their hair and eyebrows blonde, the “influencer” posted a video to TikTok celebrating the controversial new appearance. Singing in a strange British accent and yelling into the camera, commenters alleged that Mulvaney was having a sort of manic episode and questioned the mental stability of the trans activist.

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The video below shows Mulvaney’s appearance and demeanor just as they began their disastrous partnership with Bud Light.

Unsurprisingly, left-wing media is fawning over the new look, with one article by “E! News” suggesting women “allow TikToker Dylan Mulvaney’s blonde hair transformation to influence your next salon visit.” Fans of Mulvaney have taken to Twitter to call the seemingly unhealthy look “beautiful.” Supporters on Tiktok echoed a similar sentiment, with comments reading “Miss Blonde we love her” to “BABES YOU ARE STUNNING.”

The recent TikTok garnered criticism from conservatives for “caricaturing” women, something which Mulvaney has been criticized for since gaining national notoriety.

Former transgender turned anti-gender-theory activist Oli London called out Mulvaney, offering a detailed list of several bizarre and almost insulting statements they’ve made about women.

“In a recent interview with Them Magazine he claimed that his old videos were ‘trauma-unloading’ while saying ‘I don’t regret any of the things that I’ve posted.’ Some of his previous videos included; mocking menstruation, claiming to need tampons, saying he was a lesbian, suggesting a woman impregnate him and encouraging his trans followers to show their bulges in public.” ~ Oli London

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Mulvaney started their gender transition in early 2022 and has since started taking female hormones and undergone facial feminization surgery. The activist rose to fame by blaring pro-trans messaging on their TikTok account to millions of viewers – eventually partnering with several brands, including Anheuser-Bush and its subsidiary, Bud Light.

The now infamous partnership with Bud Light cost the brand more than 27 billion dollars and has left sales in the gutter, which as of early June are down nearly 25 percent. Despite this, Mulvaney believes that more brands should embrace transgenderism and trans ideology. Referring to male-to-female transgenders as “dolls,” the activist said:

“If a brand wants to work with me so bad, then they should work with other trans people, too. It’s not enough to just hire me, this white, skinny trans girl. I want all the dolls getting all the brand deals.” ~Dylan Mulvaney to “Them” Magazine

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