Bruce Springsteen Guitarist Calls to ‘Exterminate’ Republican ‘Cockroaches’

Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt is in hot water after calling on his fans to “exterminate” Republicans as though they were cockroaches “once and for all.” The 72-year-old Democrat activist posted and then deleted the expletive-laden rant on Easter Sunday, but not before Twitter users could screenshot and repost. Just weeks prior, President Joe Biden bestowed Van Zandt a National Medal of Arts. He is frequently photographed chumming with Democrat congressmen, including House Oversight Chair Jamie Raskin (D-MD).

Van Zandt was hours away from performing with his more famous partner Bruce Springsteen at the UBS Arena in Long Island when he issued a call for mass murder. Speaking to his 340,000 followers, the guitarist compared Republicans to cockroaches, among other things,

“Outrageous doesn’t begin to describe the actions of these Republican White Supremicist scumbag cowards and pussies that need guns to feel like real men. Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X will unite and exterminate these cockroaches once and for all”

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Van Zandt had been responding to the recent expulsion of Justin Pearson and Justin Jones from the Tennessee General Assembly after they disrupted legislative proceedings and stormed the state Capitol to lead a protest for gun control. The guitarist’s comments immediately drew backlash, prompting him to delete the rant.

In an equally unhinged follow-up Tweet–which he also later deleted–Van Zandt explained to one of his Republican followers why he was taking down his posts,

“To avoid spending half my day deleting Foxsucking scumbag Russian bots and MAGOTT cockroaches like you! Go take away some women’s rights, keep some Black people from voting, go harass a Trans event, go shoot some kids, do what Republicans do best and get the fuck outta my feed!”

Van Zandt, who was once a prominent musician, now serves primarily as a Democrat activist. Just last month, he was awarded the National Medal of Arts at the White House and was granted the honor by Joe Biden himself. The White House described Van Zandt as an “extraordinary American” befitting “our nation’s highest honors for contributions to the arts and humanities.”

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More recently, photos of Van Zandt have circulated the internet–posted by himself and others–showing him palling around with leading Democrat lawmakers, including Jamie Raskin, Ted Lieu (D-CA), and Pramila Jayapaal (D-WA). The guitarist describes Raskin as his “DC bodyguard” and his “brother from another mother.”

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