Broward Sheriff’s Office Cracks 12 Year Old Cold Case

Aaron Michael Dobbins, 52, is sitting in the Broward County Jail after Broward County detectives solved a 12 year old cold case.

On August 30, 2010, Broward deputies responded to a suspicious incident call in Oakland Park. Upon arrival they found Alfred McMurray lying face down with his hands tied behind his back and a gunshot wound, murdered execution style. McMurray’s vehicle and possessions were also gone. The next day McMurray’s truck was found abandoned in a Lauderhill apartment doused in bleach in an attempt to destroy evidence.

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The investigation was stalled after Broward detectives gathered evidence and conducted numerous interviews but didn’t have a clear connection to a suspect. While Dobbins lived in Oakland Park during the time frame of the Murder, there was no link between Dobbins and McMurray.

It was discovered that Dobbins was a gay porn model who knew McMurray through Dobbins roommate John Navarro. Navarro was also a gay porn model who met McMurray through the internet, where Navarro was known as “Mr. Muscle Stud.”

Navarro and McMurray met at least three times including at least one meet up where Dobbins joined the two for group sex.

The pieces were starting to come together and when BSO detectives conducted a search of a DNA data base, they found Dobbins DNA under the fingernails of the victim McMurray. Detectives now had their connection.

BSO detectives met with Navarro and during an interview, asked him why Dobbins DNA was found under the victim’s fingernails. He had no explanation other than he and Dobbins were in a relationship for 5 years and Dobbins was very jealous.

Detectives were on a roll and wanted to finish this case once and for all. BSO detectives traveled to Pasco County to interview Dobbins. During the interview, Dobbins statements started to fall apart. Dobbins stated he never had group sex with Navarro and McMurray, then later changed that to a firm “maybe he did.” Dobbins denied ever going to McMurray’s house, and when Dobbins was asked why McMurray’s DNA was found under his fingernails, he stated McMurray beat him up once.

Dobbins guilt was confirmed by detectives when during the interview they told him his DNA under the victim’s fingernails was ‘irrefutable’ and Dobbins said, “you are right, if my DNA was there, then I was there, but I don’t remember being there.”

Dobbins, who was arrested in Hillsborough County was transferred the Broward County Main Jail and is being held without bond.

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