Breathing Room: DeSantis plans to bus migrants to Delaware on hold as Texas takes “pressure off”

Gov. Ron DeSantis has floated the possibility of bussing migrants to Delaware for most of 2022, but Texas’ recent adoption of a similar policy may make the idea completely unnecessary.

The Republican governor’s 12 million dollar program may never need to be rolled out thanks to Texas’ actions, he told reporters in Tallahassee on Tuesday morning.

“I think because of what Texas has done, I actually think that’s taken a lot of pressure off us,”

Texas has been bussing migrants to Washington DC and New York City to rebuke President Biden’s border policies through a program called “Operation Lone Star.” Texas and other Mexican bordering states tend to bear the brunt of border policies, and this program aims to share the effect. The program is voluntary and only for documented immigrants, of which nearly 7,000 have been sent.

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DeSantis was planning a similar program, initially proposing 8 million to contract the private bussing companies to bring migrants to Biden’s home state of Delaware. The legislature agreed and committed 12 million to the project, putting it under the authority of the Florida Department of Transportation. However, despite the plan becoming actionable on July 1st, no progress has yet been made.

DeSantis suggested the reason for this may be a lack of necessity brought about by Texas’ policy.

“I think because Texas has done that, we haven’t seen what I was expecting we would see,”

DeSantis’s plans recently came under fire with Cuban immigrants from across the political spectrum.

However, Lt. Governor Nuñez has condemned that interpretation, calling the misrepresentation “offensive.” She clarified that there is a difference between asylum seekers and illegal immigrants and that not all Cuban immigrants will be subject to this policy if ever enacted.

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