Brazilian Man Dresses as 7-Foot Penis for Carnival – Gets Arrested

A Brazilian man was arrested and taken to jail in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, wearing a unique costume when he was arrested for dressing like a seven-foot penis to pick up women.

The man was walking around at Rio de Janeiro’s 2023 Carnival wearing a 7-foot inflatable penis costume while trying to pick up some women.

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Several female Carnival goers complained to the police about the man’s costume and told officers he had been harassing them while participating in the city’s street parades, or ‘Blocos.’

Brazilian Military Police quickly tracked the suspect down as he stood out from the crowd with his unique costume. When police caught up with him, they arrested him in the city center on Sunday and charged him for acting suspiciously.

7 Foot Penis Man

A photo taken at the moment of his arrest posted on social media shows the police officer with his baton tucked under his arm with the penis man dressed in the inflatable costume, a pair of flip-flops, and looking a little sad as he is taken into custody wearing an inflatable penis.

Social Media comments ranged from one Twitter user tweeting out ‘Hard Reality,’ while others commented he looked like a piece of poo.

Last weekend, the Blocos returned to Rio de Janeiro for the carnival’s first edition since the Covid-19 pandemic. The festival was canceled in 2021 because of the pandemic, and a reduced version of the celebration was held last year, which meant the massive street parties known as ‘blocos’ were banned.

Around 587 street Blocos take place in Rio de Janeiro during the 2023 Carnival period, which ends March 25th; they’re more casual affairs than the official parades but still come complete with Carnival costumes and wild parties.

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Fans believe they’re the true heart and soul of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival – mainly because there’s a bloco for everyone.

Rio de Janeiro has been home to the parade since the 1980s, and it’s a symbol of Brazil’s Carnival festivities.

The Rio de Janeiro carnival is registered as the biggest carnival in the world in the Guinness Book of Records.

Police are pretty busy as this year’s carnival is expected to bring in 500,000 foreign visitors, with 2 million people taking to the streets daily and consuming 10 million liters of beer.

Another Carnival goer was arrested wearing a prisoner outfit complete with a red top, shorts with the National Penitentiary Department (DEPEN) acronym, and a homemade electronic ankle tag.

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Police arrested him as he was about to board a bus to Belo Horizonte with a pal when officers approached them.

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