#BoycottDisney Trends After Elon Musk Tells CEO Bob Iger ‘Go F**k Yourself’

Calls to boycott the Walt Disney Company are trending on X this week after tech mogul Elon Musk called out several advertisers on Wednesday for trying to blackmail the social media site. During a sit-down interview at the New York Times Dealbook Summit, Musk addressed Disney CEO Bob Iger by name after telling X’s advertisers to “go f—k yourself.”

Disney is one of several companies pulling their advertising over claims of anti-Semitism on the platform.

Users of the social media platform, however, quickly rallied around Musk, echoing his comments and calling for others to cancel their subscriptions to Disney’s streaming service.

“X users are canceling their Disney+ subscriptions after Elon Musk told Disney CEO Bob Iger to “go f**k yourself” for blackmailing X,” journalist Collin Rugg reported on Thursday. “Good. Stop giving money to people who hate you and hate free speech. X users are fighting back and rallying behind Elon after he blasted advertisers for trying to blackmail him with money,”

“It’s time to cancel your Disney+ account. Stop giving your money to corporations that hate you and try to dictate who gets free speech online. We stop this madness by using the power all of us have in our wallets. The only way out is through,” ~ Michael Seifert [@realmichaelseif]

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“Cancel Hulu and Cancel Disney Plus are now both breakout trends on Google Trends as viewers respond to their efforts to censor and cancel Elon Musk and X. Fate loves irony,” commentator Ian Miles Cheong wrote in a post.

After several major accounts called for users to boycott Disney, several users posted images of their now-canceled subscriptions to the company’s streaming service.

After financial news site ‘Watcher Guru’ reported that “thousands” of users had canceled their subscriptions over the boycott, one Elon Musk fan account with 1.2 million followers wrote, “I’m canceling my Disney+ subscription. You should do the same. F**k them.”

“I’m canceling my @AppleTV, @Hulu (@Disney-Owned) & @ParamountPlus subscriptions. And will do my best to stop giving my money to companies who don’t support X & @elonmusk’s effort to save Free Speech. I hope all the boycotters get a taste of Bud Light & kindly Go F— Yourself,” ~ Texas Lindsay [@TexasLindsay_]

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At the New York Times Dealbook Summit on Wednesday, Musk told interviewer Andrew Ross Sorkin,

“If somebody’s going to try to blackmail me, blackmail me with money, go f–k yourself. Go f–k yourself. Is that clear? I hope it is,” before calling out Disney’s CEO by name. “Hey, Bob [Iger], here in the audience. That’s how I feel. Don’t advertise.”

Following the viral interview, Iger confirmed that his company would be withdrawing their advertising from the social media platform.

“We know Elon is larger than life in many respects. By him taking the position that he took in quite a public manner, we just felt that the association with that position and Elon Musk and X was not necessarily a positive one for us,” the Disney CEO said. “And we decided we would pull our advertising.”

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