‘Boycott Hershey’ Trends After Casting Trans Activist in ‘Female Empowerment’ Campaign

Hershey’s is putting a new spin on “chocolate with nuts” in their new Women’s History Month campaign. Biological male and trans activist Fae Johnstone will appear on the company’s promotional “HerShe” bars for March as a “face” of female empowerment. Johnstone appeared in a promo launching the campaign on Wednesday, which was immediately met with calls to boycott the chocolate company. Johnstone has a long history of making violent statements and advocating “militant” queer activism.

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“We can create a world where everyone is able to live in public space as their honest and authentic selves.” Johnstone says in the brief promo video. “See the women changing how we see the future.”

The trans activist tweeted the video on Wednesday, announcing, “The chocolate is out of the wrapper!”

“We still have a long way to go in the fight to end misogyny, patriarchy and gender-based violence,” Johnstone continued. “I hope this campaign helps give more young women and girls role models and possibility models. And shows them how we can be change the world, together.”

The video quickly generated a backlash, prompting the hashtag #BoycottHershey to trend.

“Hershey’s is “honoring” women by featuring delusional, disfigured men on its candy bars,” Sean Davis of The Federalist tweeted. “Feel empowered yet, ladies?”

Johnstone is the executive director of Wisdom2Action, a trans-health consulting agency that receives nearly $1 million in funding from the Canadian government. The group offers workshops and inclusivity training for “2SLGBTQIA+” youth. In January, the group protested a speaking event by Jordan Peterson, demanding that the venue owners cancel the show for its “racist, transphobic and misogynistic” rhetoric.

The HerShe icon has personally advocated for “militant” queer activism, tweeting shortly after the inauguration of Donald Trump, “That’s what I want to see. That’s what America needs. Don’t let Trump f—k with us.”

Johnstone, who claims to be an activist against gender-based violence, issued calls in 2021 for “trans-exclusionary radical feminists” (TERFs) to be intimidated into silence. “I actually do want a political environment in which TERFs are so vilified they don’t dare speak their views publicly, let alone act on them. Shut. Them. Down.”

Johnstone has also advocated for allowing biological males in female prisons, according to screenshots recovered by the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh,

“With his newly acquired victim status, he now thinks he’s above criticism as he calls for male rapists to be admitted to female prisons. Again: this man, who wants to lock women in prison with male rapists, is the one [Hershey’s] has chosen as a representative of women.”

Johnstone has also argued that “parents do not have absolute rights over their children,” and encourages activists to stand up for the rights of “trans kids.”

“As soon as you use even one bloke for your pro-women activism, the real women become props,” one Twitter user wrote. “They become nothing more than ‘proof’ that the man belongs and validation of his and your delusion. They become background. It’s the exact opposite of pro-women.”

“Hershey’s is erasing women by putting biological men in their place for international women’s day,” said another comment.

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This is the third year in a row that Hershey’s has commemorated Women’s History Month. Johnstone is also the recipient of the 2019 LGBT Youth Line Trans Activism award.

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