Boca City Council’s Ploy to Stay in Office Longer-Campaign Signs Suddenly Sprout Up Like Swamp Weeds

2On March 14th, one issue will be on the ballot for residents to vote on in Boca. This one city charter amendment which will extend city council terms for one year, something nobody asked for, is costing residents $255K. If this passes, wannabe forever Mayor Scott Singer will be in office for a decade. Current council members Yvette Drucker and Monica Mayotte will also each get a bonus year to run the city. 

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When the city council voted to do this, Mayor Singer said that this wasn’t their vote; it’s an option they’re giving residents to decide on. This sounds nice, but it’s a load of hooey. Singer decided he wanted another year in office. The talk is that Republican Singer wants to be in the office to have an easier run at a county commission seat currently filled by first-term Republican Commissioner Marci Woodward. 

A sign in support of the term extension amendment is prominently displayed in front of the BRIC property in Boca Raton.

Someone certainly cares about extending these terms, as evidenced by mailers that have gone out from a political action committee (PAC), known in Florida as PCs, in support of the term extension. Over the last few days, signs have started sprouting up.

Boca PAC Signs Sprout Like Weeds

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The signs were placed in swales and front of big-money developer properties like BRIC. HOA entrances also have a few. Oddly enough, one of the HOAs with one of the signs is where Councilwoman Fran Nachlas lives. Nachlas did not vote in favor of the term extension, and when asked about the signs, she said it was against her HOA rules and would call the property manager to remove it. 

Swamp weed signs are sprouting up to support a city charter amendment in Boca Raton that no one, except those currently in office. The amendment will extend terms from three to four years.

Meanwhile, don’t be surprised if you see Vote No signs instead of Vote Yes signs over the weekend. A grassroots group of hard-working concerned residents have made their own signs and sent out their own mailers. They want the residents to know they must come out on March 14th and vote no to this power grab.

A grassroots group of concerned citizens in Boca sent out mailers. They are fighting hard to make residents aware of the vote on March 14th. Just Vote No.

There are only a few more days until the elections. Residents of Boca Raton, we urge you to come out and Vote NO on March 14th. The needs of special interest groups and developers differ from yours. Let your voice be heard. 

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