Blue Alert thug shot dead by homeowner

Screen capture of Jack Furnari's Apple watch.
Photo credit: Jack Furnari

Late last night, my phone started screeching an incredibly loud emergency alert signal. It was a “Blue Alert,” an alert I had never heard before. A dangerous criminal was on the loose.

When I clicked the link, this was the photo that popped up:

Mug shot photo of Gregory Ryan Miedema
Photo credit: Florida Department of Law Enforcement

A quick Google search revealed a short article by WCTV.TV saying that Miedema had shot a Taylor County deputy multiple times.

Not close to where I live, but who knows how far such a nasty thug might get while running. So, I took an extra precaution I usually take when there’s trouble anywhere near my home, and then I went to bed.

Sometime today, someone texted a photo I was pleased to receive. Miedema was deceased.

I figured the cops had gotten him, but it wasn’t them. A homeowner, exercising his God-given right to protect his home and family, shot Miedema to death when Miedema tried to invade his home.

According to published reports, the homeowner was wounded, but he’s in stable condition and should be okay.

My prayers are with the homeowner who shot Miedema dead and the deputy Miedema shot. Instead of today’s headline reading, “multiple homicides committed by cop shooter.” The headlines are, “cop shooter killed.”

This homeowner saved his own life and possibly the lives of others because he took an “extra precaution.”

God bless the armed homeowner. God bless the shot deputy.

And God Bless the Second Amendment. All of which help keep us safe.


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