‘Blast from the Past’: White House Enforcing Masks and Social Distancing For Unvaccinated Visitors

A recently revealed email shows that The White House is enforcing a mask mandate and social distancing guidelines for unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated visitors.



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Lawmakers invited to attend “College Athlete Day,” where athletes from championship collegiate teams get to visit the White House, were also ordered to mask up for the event if they are not vaccinated, according to an email obtained by Fox News.

“Masking Guidance: Fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask on the White House grounds,” the email from the White House Office of Legislative Affairs said. “Guests who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask at all times and maintain at least 6 feet distance from others while on the White House grounds.”

However, the White House told Fox News Digital that the COVID guidance in the email was out of date and accidentally included. According to a spokesperson, the White House might be planning to send out the most up-to-date guidance in another email just before Monday’s event, but it’s unclear what that guidance might look like. It’s been months since President Biden finally declared the COVID-19 emergency officially over, ending regulations that led to social distancing and school and small business closures.

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“The President signed into law: H.J.Res. 7, which terminates the national emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic,” the White House said in a short news release.

During the emergency, however, Biden blamed the pandemics’ continuation on those who chose not to get vaccinated in a 2022 speech.

“So there’s no excuse! No excuse for anyone being unvaccinated. This continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. So we got to make more progress. And for patients who still haven’t gotten your kids vaccinated, please get them vaccinated. Look out for their interests here. It’s the best way to protect them.”

However, in a European Parliament hearing, the Pfizer Director was asked by Netherlands MEP Rob Roos if the vaccines had been tested for their ability to prevent transmission to others, to which she said no.

This has become even more true with the rise of omicron as the dominant variant. The vaccine’s lack of ability to prevent transmission does take the wind out of the sails of the idea one is obligated to get vaccinated for the sake of others. Its primary use is preventing infection oneself, something a BMJ Journal study confirmed at the time.

“Yet it is increasingly clear that current vaccines provide, at most, partial and transient protection against infection, which decreases precipitously after a few months, with limited effects on secondary transmission.”

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