Black National Anthem at Super Bowl Sparks Outrage, ‘The NFL is Selling Out Our National Pride’

“Lift Every Voice and Sing,” better known as the Black National Anthem, was performed ahead of Sunday night’s Super Bowl kickoff, and many fans were not happy with the rendition of two national anthems.


“NFL playing two national anthems tonight, selling out our national pride because it’s easier than being targeted by the far left. Most of corporate America plays by this same book.”

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Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt defined the issue succinctly. Using two national anthems during the country’s most watched sporting event places a dividing line between Americans. It suggests that American National Anthem is not for all Americans.

“There’s nothing ‘American’ about having two different National Anthems based on skin color,” said Colin Rugg of Trending Politics. “The left loves division.”

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In a later tweet, he continued, “We are all Americans. We should strive to unite instead of having different anthems for different skin colors.”
Podcaster Darrel B. Harrison said, “The NFL is making a huge mistake, in my humble opinion, by having ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing,’ what has traditionally been referred to as the ‘black national anthem,’ sung at the Super Bowl. What more divisive message could be sent than to suggest we’re a nation of two anthems.”

Jack Posobiec of Human Events joked, “The only thing that can unite America forever is creating separate national anthems for each different ethnic groups. I demand each one be played before every game. Especially the Superbowl.”

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert said she was tired of politics being injected into sports,

“America only has ONE NATIONAL ANTHEM. Why is the NFL trying to divide us by playing multiple!? Do football, not wokeness.”

The vast majority of Americans agree. A February 2023 survey by the Trafalgar group asked respondents, “Do you believe that sporting events, like the Super Bowl, should include political or cultural statements as part of the game and coverage, or just focus on the game itself?”
It found that 84.4% of Americans want sports leagues to “just focus on the game,” including 76.7% of Democrats.

Former Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake also had enough of the political grandstanding. A photo of her sitting during the black national anthem went viral on social media. She later wrote on Twitter, “I’m just here for THE National Anthem.”

Lake wasn’t the only Republican watching the game. Donald Trump Jr. had a laugh about one fan that compared the often rowdy Eagles fans to the radical leftist Antifa group. “Philly fans are the Antifa of sports fans… If they lose, they will riot… If they win they will also riot. You can’t win.”

It didn’t take long for Eagles fans to prove his point.

One fan suggested that Philadelphia deserved their narrow loss to Kansas City after voting for John Fetterman in the 2022 midterms. “Eagles fans deserve this L after this garbage.”

The New York Times struggled to cover the event without offending their readers’ delicate sensibilities. The word “Chief” has been canceled, apparently.

The Eagles did have one winning moment during the evening when head coach Nick Sirianni was moved to tears by the American National Anthem.

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“I wish our politicians loved America as much as Nick Sirianni does,” Charlie Kirk remarked.

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