Black California Doctor Shreds ‘Malignant’ Bias Trainings in Woke Medicine

A leading black doctor from California eviscerated woke medicine in a new Washington Post op-ed. Marilyn Singleton is a board-certified anesthesiologist with over 50 years of experience and a visiting fellow at the Do No Harm medical advocacy organization. She has also had enough with her field’s new obsession over race, specifically her state’s mandatory “implicit bias trainings.”

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“When I graduated with a medical degree in 1973, a Black woman in a class of mostly White men, there was a real sense that the days of obsessing over skin color and making race-brd [sic] assumptions about our fellow human beings was finally fading — and, hopefully, soon gone for good.”

Singleton attended medical school at the University of California in San Francisco. As a child, she attended segregated schools. Now, she says that America’s obsession over race is returning in full swing.

“The malignant false assumption that Black people are inherently inferior intellectually has been traded in for the malignant false assumption that White people are inherently racist.”

Singleton referred to a new California law, which mandates “implicit bias training” for all physicians. Doctors are required to undergo this training every two years as part of their 50-hour curriculum of “continuing medical education.” If doctors do not undergo this training, their license will not be renewed.

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“It is a message that I believe is harmful both to physicians and patients.” Singleton wrote.

“Many of my friends and colleagues ask why I’m so upset by the law… My answer is simple. I reject the unscientific accusation that people are defined by their race, not by their individual beliefs and choices.”

Citing several studies, Singleton said that bias training, at best, has no impact on eliminating racial bias and, at worst, creates more bias. “Think about the message this mandate sends to Black physicians. It suggests that I should be wary of my White colleagues because, after all, they’re biased against people like me.” Singleton argued that under the basic assumptions of “implicit bias,” the trainings teach people to expect that bias “is always going to be there, beneath the surface, threatening to rear its ugly, racist head.”

“Collegiality and collaboration — two essential components of high-quality medical care — are targeted by this mandate. Call that an implicit bias.”

She also argued that “implicit bias training” may be damaging to doctor-patient relationships.

“The message to physicians is bad enough, but the message to patients is much worse. Black people are, in effect, being told that White physicians are likely to quite literally damage our health.”

Singleton connected the new California law to the broader diversity, equity, and inclusion industry, worth an estimated $3.4 billion in 2020.

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Singleton, who has been licensed to practice in California since 1974, is expected to undergo the training but says she has “balked” at it so far. She must complete the training before the end of 2023 if she wishes to keep her license.

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