Black Bear Breaks into Bakery – Gobbles Up 60 Cupcakes

A black bear in Avon, Connecticut, apparently craves cupcakes.

Surveillance footage from Taste by Spellbound shows the bear strolling into the bakery’s open garage door and helping himself to a box filled with cupcakes.

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The bakery shared the video on social media Saturday. The owner, Miriam Stephens, and team members, including Maureen Williams, were preparing for delivery and placing goodies into a van parked in a loading garage located in the back of the shop when the animal wandered inside.

Maureen was loading it with the last items before I was to leave,” Stephens wrote in the post,

“She was on the West Hartford side of the van, looked up, and saw a bear staring at her from the South Windsor side. All the sudden, we hear her screaming bloody murder and then yelling, ‘There’s a bear in the garage!'”


Cupcake Bear

The post noted she then ran to the kitchen “and slammed the door that goes into the loading area and held it tight.” Stephens and employees said they were “stunned” and scared, so they called 911.

In the video, the bear drags a box of cupcakes out of the garage and proceeds to munch on several outside the bakery. Footage shows bakery workers coming around to the side of the bakery before running away.

One of the staff members “then had a brilliant idea to go out the front and get in her car to drive around back, and she started beeping her horn like a crazy person. She finally got him out, and Maureen ran to the garage to close it as fast as she could.”

The bear hid behind a dumpster and eventually returned to the woods.

Avon Police and officers from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection responded to the scene, but the bear had already fled.

The bakery said no one was harmed and added that the bear was not hurt. The cupcakes — and “a bunch of coconut cake” — were the only casualties.

“We all have laughed about it at this point and think the bears are cute,” according to the post.

There has been a recent uptick in bear sightings throughout the area and across the nation, with environmental officials warning the public.

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The frequency and severity of bear-human interactions are increasing,” Paul Copleman, a spokesman for the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, said Friday.

Wildlife officials said adult black bears typically weigh 100 to 300 pounds, but males can exceed 500 pounds.

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