Bill Barr Criticizes Biden DOJ, But Won’t Say Whether He Aided Prosecution of Trump

Former Attorney General Bill Barr says the Department of Justice is operating under a double standard, choosing to bring charges against former President Donald Trump while looking the other way on the mountain of corruption allegations against Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Barr has become a vocal critic of Trump since resigning from his administration in December 2020. He continued to attack his former boss on Friday during an appearance on Fox News’s “The Story” but expressed reservations over the Justice Department’s latest witch hunt in light of their leniency toward Hunter Biden.

“All cases are under the discretion of the Attorney General as to whether to bring them, not in question of unfairness to Trump, but in the interest of the public interest and public considerations,” Barr told host Martha MacCallum. “And I think that there are some considerations here that I would have seriously considered not bringing the case.”

“One of them is the divisiveness of the case compared to what will be achieved from it, especially in light of the handling of the Hunter Biden case, which crystallizes this very deep-seated feeling that there’s two standards. And here you are being aggressive against President Trump. I’m not saying that it’s improper to bring the case, but I’m saying it’s an aggressive move versus, I think, very lenient treatment of Hunter Biden. And I think that that is very divisive in the country, and I would have taken that into account.”

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While Barr refused to condemn the charges against the former President outright, he held that the Justice Department had “crossed the Rubicon” by pursuing criminal charges against a former President and is risking a “slippery slope for more and more use of the criminal justice process in our political system.”

Barr would not go as far as to call the charges “interference” in the 2024 election but said he expected the cases to distract from the “serious issues that confront the country.”

“So those are practical reasons why I think it would have been wise maybe not to proceed with it. But I don’t like, you know, all of these overkill attacks that this was somehow reprehensible to bring it. What was reprehensible is the conduct after the election,” he told MacCallum.

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Barr also appeared on CNN’s “The Source” with Kaitlin Collins this week. Despite his criticism of the Biden Justice Department, he refused to tell Collins whether he had spoken with Jack Smith, leaving open the possibility that he is helping the current investigation.

“I’m not gonna get into that,” he told Collins, prompting an awkward, on-air silence.

“Bill Barr was asked on CNN last night if he cooperated with Jack Smith’s office. He refused to answer,” Fox News host Mark Levin later tweeted. “That means he did. And, of course, he is absolutely free to tell us what he discussed. He’s all over TV, like erectile dysfunction commercials. Let’s hope that every host continues to ask him what he discussed. It seems newsworthy to me.”

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