Biden’s DOJ Closes Chapter on Pence’s Classified Documents Case

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has closed its investigation into former Vice President Mike Pence’s handling of classified documents, choosing not to bring charges against him. This conclusion came after several sensitive documents were found in Pence’s home post-tenure.

The news provides a significant backdrop just days before Pence is slated to announce his candidacy for the presidential race in 2024. However, the DOJ has maintained silence, choosing not to comment on the matter when asked.

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The saga began in January when a small number of documents bearing classified markings were discovered at Pence’s residence in Indiana. The Vice President’s office immediately alerted the federal officials, maintaining that Pence was not aware of the existence of these documents.

The story continued to unfurl in February when the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) discovered one more classified document in a search at Pence’s home. A subsequent sweep of Pence’s Washington D.C. offices yielded no further findings.

Pence addressed the matter on Fox News, saying, “During the closing days of the administration, when materials were boxed and assembled, some of which were shipped to our personal residence, mistakes were made.” He also emphasized that he was not aware of the error until a review was conducted. “But I take full responsibility for it, and we’re going to continue to support every appropriate inquiry into it,” Pence added.

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This matter came to light at a time when both President Biden and former President Trump were under the microscope for their alleged mishandling of classified materials. The Vice President’s document controversy echoed the cases of Biden and Trump, each having a special counsel appointed to investigate their handling of classified materials, a provision that was not allocated for Pence’s case.

Biden found himself in a similar situation when classified documents from his vice-presidential tenure were discovered at an old Washington office and at his home in Wilmington, Delaware. As in Pence’s case, Biden’s team alerted federal authorities about the documents but did not immediately inform the public.

The former Vice President, who had previously criticized Biden over his handling of classified materials and called for a special counsel’s appointment, found himself embroiled in a similar controversy.

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Meanwhile, the former President, Trump, is facing an investigation for his possible mishandling of classified materials. Federal agents raided his Mar-a-Lago home last August after he refused to cooperate with the National Archives for months, withholding sensitive government materials he had taken with him after leaving the White House.

It is worth noting that Trump has not only been uncooperative but also reportedly aware of his actions. Prosecutors investigating his case have obtained an audio clip from 2021 where Trump can be heard discussing a classified Pentagon document, hinting at his knowledge of restrictions about who could view it.

As the 2024 presidential race approaches, this series of events surrounding the mishandling of classified materials paints an interesting, if not concerning, picture. With Pence seemingly out of the woods, attention now turns to how the Biden and Trump investigations will unfold.

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