Biden’s Approval Sinks to All-Time Low… And He Isn’t Blaming Trump

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has slumped to an all-time low, according to Gallup, and for once, he isn’t blaming his failures on Donald Trump. In a Friday interview on MSNBC, Biden proclaimed that his 37 percent approval rating is the fault of the corporate media, and accused the press of spreading too much “negative news.”

Ironically, Biden made his comments immediately after interviewer Stephanie Ruhle praised his performance, crediting him with having “real practical solutions” and achieving several “wins.” Ruhle followed up by asking why his approval numbers did not reflect that.

“Why do you think you don’t get more credit for it? Why do you think your polling is where it is?”

Biden responded by insisting that “every major” President who won re-election had similar, underwater approval numbers and that if it weren’t for the media’s “negative” coverage, they would likely be much higher.

I think all [people have] heard is negative news for three years. Everything is negative. I’m not being critical of the press, you turn on the television, the only way you’re going to get a hit is if there’s something negative.

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However, Biden’s comments hardly reflect the reality of the corporate media’s coverage.

Since running his 2020 campaign mainly from his basement, Joe Biden has served as one of the least transparent Presidents in American history. While occasionally agreeing to sit-down conversations with supporters such as Ruhle and Dylvan Mulvaney, Biden had made a longstanding habit of avoiding the media, including nearly 200 days last year when he did not speak to a single American journalist. Biden even joked about that lack of transparency during last month’s White House Correspondents’ dinner, drawing cackles from the audience.

“In a lot of ways this dinner sums up my first two years in office. I’ll talk for 10 minutes, take zero questions, and cheerfully walk away.”

When it was revealed last month that Joe Biden had been provided with a cheat sheet giving him advanced knowledge of a journalist’s question, mainstream outlets such as the Washington Post rushed to defend the President, saying that it was common practice for the White House to take the “temperature” of journalists before allowing them to ask questions.

“White House press office employees have routinely polled reporters about their priorities and interests in advance of news meetings to anticipate what their boss might be asked while on the podium.”

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In April, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that Joe Biden had taken more questions than his predecessors George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump combined, but appeared to include shouted questions in her final tally that Biden ignored or did not hear.

RealClearPolitics estimated Biden to have a 55 percent approval rating upon assuming the presidency. It has since tanked and remained underwater since the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan in the summer of 2021.

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