Biden Vows to ‘Finish the Job’ in 2024, Polls Show Americans Don’t Want Him To

80-year-old President Joe Biden formally announced his re-election bid on Tuesday with a three-minute ad attacking “MAGA Republicans,” set to footage of the January 6 protest, and accusing conservatives of wanting to take Americans’ “bedrock freedoms away.” The announcement comes despite recent polling demonstrating record-low support among Biden’s party. Based on the campaign ad, it also appears that Biden and Harris are going with “Let’s finish the job” as the campaign’s central theme. However, it is not readily apparent that Americans are excited about that prospect.

“This is not a time to be complacent. That’s why I’m running for re-election,” Biden says in the announcement video, portraying himself as a unifying figure fighting for the soul of the nation.

“Because I know America. I know we are good and decent people. And I know we are still a country that believes in honesty and respect, and treating each other with dignity. That we’re a nation where we give hate no safe harbor. And we believe that everyone is equal, and that everyone should be given a fair shot to succeed in this country.”

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The ‘unifier’ schtick lasted a few minutes before his running mate, Kamala Harris, began blasting GOP “extremists” in her own statement.

“Extremists have intensified attacks on basic, foundational freedoms and rights,” Harris said, accusing Republicans of wanting to take America “backward.”

“For example, they want to take away a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body. They attack the sacred right to vote and attempt to silence the voice of the people. And they try to block common-sense reforms to save lives and keep Americans safe from gun violence.”

To their credit, Biden and Harris do appear to have united the American people on at least one basis: at least 70 percent of them do not want this re-election campaign.

A recent poll reported Sunday by NBC News estimates a whopping 70 percent of Americans do not want Biden to run for re-election, with nearly half of them citing the President’s advanced age as a primary factor (Biden would be 86 after a second term). Only 26 percent of Americans polled want to see Biden “finish the job.”

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Those figures account for 51 percent of Democrats as well, whose faith in the President has steadily declined since his inauguration. Despite Biden’s talk of fighting for “our democracy,” he has most recently been slammed by the left after the DNC announced they would not host a debate for the Democrat nomination. Democrats Marianne Williamson and Robert Kennedy Jr. have issued legal challenges to Biden’s candidacy but will not be heard from on the debate stage.

An additional poll released by USA Today/Suffolk University on Monday found that roughly 40 percent of Biden 2020 voters do not believe he should mount a second bid. According to a survey of Democrat voters, 35 percent said they would consider voting third party over Joe Biden, even if it meant risking a second Donald Trump White House.

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