Biden Visits South Florida as Dems’ Election Fears Grow

Florida Democrats hope to receive a boost from Joe Biden on Tuesday as the President visits Miami to energize voters and pick up some campaign cash. Biden’s visit comes at a time of unprecedented Republican dominance in Florida, with most recent reports showing an advantage of more than 800,000 registered voters.

Democrat party leadership expressed hope this week that the state will again be competitive for the 2024 general election, but recent voter registration and polling data are undercutting that optimism.

The President is expected to attend a fundraiser in Miami hosted by Chris Korge, the national finance chair of the Biden Victory Fund, followed by a campaign stop in Palm Beach. Florida Democrats have already poured millions of dollars into the Biden campaign, according to the Miami Herald. Alexander Heckler, the deputy national finance chair for the DNC and Biden Victory Fund, reportedly told the outlet,

“We are proud to again host President Biden in Miami… We are happy to send our continued financial support whether or not we send our 30 electoral college votes. But, I am confident that Florida is still in play and that Democrats will invest here.”

The report also quoted state Democrat Party chair Nikki Fried, who said the Tuesday fundraiser was an opportunity to “relight that spark” among the party’s major donors. “For any type of election, your candidates, your incumbents have to resell the image and resell the dream. And that’s what he has to do,” Fried said. Last week, Fried insisted to the Associated Press that “Florida is in play and is worth fighting for.”

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Despite the optimism expressed by Florida Democrats this week, the party’s electoral chances continue to look bleak. During Ron DeSantis’ successful bid for governor in 2018, Democrats held a voter advantage of roughly 300,000 in Florida. Now, that margin has swung by more than one million, with Republicans now holding an edge of 800,000, according to a recent report by the Republican Party of Florida.

“Republicans have now amassed 800,000 more registered voters than Democrats here in Florida. Our grassroots team won’t stop fighting to make Florida the best place to live, work and play in the nation.” ~ Republican Party of Florida

Opinion polling data published by the Florida Chamber of Commerce this month also showed slipping support for Biden in the state, with 59 percent of voters expressing an unfavorable view of the President overall. By contrast, half of all voters expressed a favorable view of Governor DeSantis, including more than half of Hispanic voters in the state.

“President Biden can keep visiting Florida all he wants, but I hope while he is here he learns from the policies here that are working. We look forward to retiring him and his failed administration in November,” Florida GOP Chair Evan Powers said.

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Biden’s visit to the Sunshine State comes little more than a week after Governor DeSantis suspended his campaign for the White House. On Sunday, DeSantis criticized the President following the deaths of three service members following an attack on U.S. forces in Jordan.

“Joe Biden has made our troops sitting ducks and he allows our enemies to attack them with impunity,” DeSantis said in a statement on X. “Biden’s weakness is getting our troops killed. RIP to our three fallen service members.”

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