Biden To Regulate Dishwashers, Appliances to ‘Fight Climate Change’

5The Biden Administration has recently unveiled a harsh new set of rules for American dishwashing appliances, mandating that dishwashers cut water use by a third and maximum energy use by 27 percent.

Most American dishwashers are already well below the current maximum water use of 5 gallons – a fact that the Biden Department of Energy has ignored in pursuit of further regulation.

The policy would set the requirements for any dishwasher made in or after 2027, the year the policy is expected to go into effect. The delay exists presumably to give ample response time to manufacturers – though it doesn’t come without problems.


The White House’s new crackdown spells terrible news for American consumers amidst persistent inflation, a looming economic downturn, and the threat of catastrophic debt default. Speaking to DailyMail, a spokeswoman for the Association of Home Appliance Manufactures, Jill Notini, said that “consumers will pay the real price… the Department of Energy has proposed very stringent standards for home appliances that will require higher upfront costs to purchase a product.”

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Notini continued her statement with a jab at Biden’s Department of Energy and its “pro-climate” policies.

“Manufacturers just want to be able to deliver high performing, fully featured products at costs that consumers of all incomes can afford. The [Department of Energy] is making that very difficult with the standards they are proposing.”

The dishwasher regulation is just the latest in a series of questionable and controversial policies designed to fight climate change, with refrigerator and washing machine restrictions already forced through and a de-facto ban on incandescent lighting coming into effect in August of this year as well.

One of President Biden’s first acts in office was signing an executive order instructing the Department of Energy to make pro-climate revisions to virtually every American household appliance.

Americans have expressed outrage at the rapid expansion of the “nanny state” that Joe Biden has spearheaded.

“Who gave the Administration permission to dictate policy and private behavior? Congress, please do your job and protest this overreach.” ~@jessinwis on Twitter

The general sentiment has been one of injustice. Though a seemingly small bill, many implicitly feel that the Democrats’ overreach directly contradicts the free spirit of the American nation.

“You had to know it was a matter of time, first it was your gas stove, then your a/c, the kind of car you drive, now it’s your dishwasher.35 How much more freedom does Biden want to take away from you?” ~@jerry111750 on Twitter

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Others think the Biden Administration’s decisions – whether through action or lack thereof – consistently harm the American people.

“We are getting ready to be invaded by almost a million young to middle-aged men and where is Biden? What is he doing? Worrying about if we use a dishwasher! He is not a leader!” ~@Sherri_Lynn_W on Twitter
Because of the wide latitude handed to the Department of Energy by Biden, American families will likely see more costly regulations affecting their homes shortly.

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