Biden Spox Jean-Pierre Calls Florida National Guard Activation “Political Stunt”, Gets Embarrassed Immediately

The White House embarrassed itself this week after trading jabs with Gov. Ron DeSantis over border policy. Biden mouthpiece Karine Jean-Pierre mocked the governor for his handling of the ongoing migrant crisis, calling his activation of the National Guard a “political stunt.” Just hours after her comments, the U.S. Coast Guard wrote to the state of Florida requesting assistance from the National Guard in patrolling the shoreline.

“I wanted to formally request that the TWIN ENGINE FWC [Florida Wildlife Commission] and FLARNG [Florida Army National Guard] aircraft be authorized to patrol out to 12NM from the shoreline.”

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The U.S. Coast Guard operates under the Department of Homeland Security, and the Biden administration has gutted border patrol capabilities in recent years. The governor cited the lack of federal support for the USCG as a primary reason for his mobilization of the National Guard this month.

“I would just tell the White House not only has the Coast Guard asked us to help, but we have no choice but to help because of your neglect and incompetence.” – Gov. Ron DeSantis

The state of Florida has since been working overtime to compensate for the White House’s failures. Since August, an estimated 4,400 migrants have landed in Florida, with an additional 8,042 intercepted and turned away by law enforcement. DeSantis’ “political stunt” is credited with tightening patrol efforts and easing a severe burden on local departments.

Florida Coast Sees Surge in Migrant Landings, Law Enforcement Stepping up Response 

Still, many migrants are able to evade law enforcement, often arriving and discarding their boats on private property. In a press briefing Thursday, the governor said that private citizens would not be expected to pay for the removal of the boat.

We are going to clear the vessels free of charge for those residents because it wasn’t their fault.” Taking a jab at the president, he added, “Maybe we’ll send the bill to Biden. ~Gov. DeSantis

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While law enforcement grapples with the crisis along Florida’s shores, the White House said it intends to create more pathways for migrants to enter the country. The newest plan announced by President Biden is expected to take in 30,000 a month from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Cuba.


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