Biden Slammed By Both Parties for ‘Shocking’ No Comment Response to Deadly Hawaii Fire

President Joe Biden is facing heavy criticism for his uncaring response to the Hawaii wildfires, including from his fellow Democrats.

Voters may recall Jill Biden campaigning for husband in 2020 with the slogan “Empathy is on the ballot.” That empathy appeared to be absent last Sunday when Bloomberg reporter Justin Sink asked the President about the rising death toll in Hawaii, which was at 99 as of Monday afternoon.

“No comment,” Biden said in response, before heading home from his Delaware beach vacation. The White House has said he has no plans to visit the desperate state.

The President’s conduct in the wake of the devastating fire has horrified Americans across the aisle, with one Hawaii Democrat weighing in on Twitter.

“I campaigned for you. Now, when I lose dozens of my friends, family, and neighbors. This?” ~ Hawaii state Rep. Mark Kaniela Ing in a now-deleted post on Twitter

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State Rep. Mark Kaniela Ing serves as the national director of the Green New Deal Network. On Monday, Fox News Digital published an interview with Ing where he criticized the 80-year-old Biden for his “shocking” response.

“When tragedies like this occur, it’s shocking to see people just conducting business as usual. … On the one hand, you don’t want everyone to be in a perpetual somber mood, but on the other hand, how can you just carry on like that?” ~ Mark Ing to Fox News Digital

Ing explained to the outlet that he had deleted his tweet out of concern that Biden’s conversation may have been more “nuanced” than initially reported. However, he still said that he found the President’s dismissiveness “disappointing.”

“Whether or not it was as dismissive as originally reported, it is quite disappointing. I would expect more.

He should be talking about what he’s done and what he will do… What I’m looking for is action.” ~ Mark Ing to Fox News Digital

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Republicans have also been highly critical of Biden’s response. Twitter account “End Wokeness” posted on Monday,

“Biden doesn’t give a sh*t about Americans He never visited Nashville He never visited Waukesha He never visited East Palestine His response to the deadliest US wildfire in 100 years? ‘No comment’ He only cares about tragedies that he is able to use to take away your rights or demonize his political opponents.” ~ End Wokeness [@EndWokeness]

“Second ‘no comment’ from Biden in as many days on a horrific disaster where the death toll will likely go well into the hundreds,” wrote Joe Concha of The Messenger. “Go ahead, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC… Avoid this altogether or avoid anything resembling harsh criticism of such a brazen disregard for the lives of American citizens by an American president.”

Officials report that 99 people have been killed in the wildfires on Maui so far. Governor Josh Green offered a bleak estimate of an additional 10 to 20 likely to be reported dead each day as rescue teams search for survivors.

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