Biden Obliterated on Twitter For Blaming Border Crisis on ‘MAGA House Republicans’

President Joe Biden had strong words for “MAGA” Republicans, condemning their handling of the border crisis and going as far as falsely claiming they wanted to ‘slash border funding’ in a now-viral Twitter post. The Tweet comes from a president who has been almost silent about the horrific border crisis that has seen millions of illegals and thousands of pounds of fentanyl flood over the border.

“MAGA House Republican proposals would slash funding for border security – a move that could allow nearly 900 pounds of fentanyl into our country. We need more resources to secure the border. Not less.”

The tweet, featuring a photograph of Biden shaking a border patrol agent’s hand, comes after Biden’s first visit to the border since his January 2021 inauguration.

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Some of the president’s supporters even took the opportunity to say it was a good thing – claiming that leaving the border open is more “welcoming” and arguing that illegal foreigners have the right to enjoy the abundant beauty and wealth that Americans spent generations creating.

Western Journal Senior Staff Writer Rand DeSoto called out what he perceived as hypocrisy from the tweet, referencing the border-security battle between Democrats and Republicans and calling attention to the latter’s attempts at halting illegal immigration.

“I must have missed the switch of Republicans being for open borders and Democrats wanting to secure it. As long as it gets secured after what we’ve experienced the last two years that would be great!”

Supportive replies were few and far between. The Saturday night tweet immediately received backlash from dozens of conservative politicians, commentators, and citizens, with many users replying, “is this a joke?”. Many of Biden’s border policies have been blatantly supportive of open borders, with the cancellation of Trump’s border wall being among the first policies of the Biden administration. Commenters were quick to point this fact out.

RNC Research Rapid Response Director Timmy Pigott pointed out not only is Biden’s claim not true – but that the president directly ignored calls to hire more border security agents, instead opting to continue the persecution of middle America through the IRS.

“Biden and Democrats blocked Republican efforts to hire 18,000 Border Patrol agents. They hired 87,000 IRS agents instead.”

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The claim that Republicans want to slash border funding is another entry in a series of rhetorical gaffes that would give former President Bush a run for his money. During his state of the union speech in early February, Biden also falsely claimed that MAGA Republicans sought to defund social security. Biden’s lie received thunderous boos from Republican politicians and commentators.

Biden Slams Republicans, border

Despite Biden pinning the ongoing border crisis on his political adversaries, the illegal immigration data speaks for itself. Biden’s presidency has overseen an unprecedented wide-open border with little rhetoric or policy actions suggesting an intent to act on it. The above Statista data shows border apprehensions and expulsions dating back to 1990. The massive spike following the inauguration of President Biden pales the illegal immigration crisis of the 1990s under President Clinton.


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