Biden Mocked for Posting his State of the Union Notes

President Joe Biden will be delivering his State of the Union Address on the House floor on Tuesday night, and we already know how the speech will start because he posted the notes on Twitter.

The post includes the President’s binder of notes for the state of the Union address, with the first page visible. Chocolate cookies and a mug with the presidential seal are also strategically in the frame.

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Many noticed that the visible page was taken up by less than a sentence, content that will likely amount to a total of five seconds when delivered. At least the page doesn’t give away any of the speech content. Twitter users took shots at Biden for the reminder to “pause” in his notes, laying bets that the octogenarian President may actually say the word pause on Tuesday night.

While all presidents in modern memory have used large-font notes for the punishingly long State of the Union Address, photographic evidence suggests that none have used font quite this large or used notes with such little content per page.

Even the New York Times expects a gaffe-filled performance and is already committed to defending it. With an article titled “Biden’s State of the Union Prep: No Acronyms and Tricks to Conquer a Stutter,” it appears that the Times is ready to chalk up any slips in the night to a stutter, and not to the President’s age and mental abilities.

Biden is expected to tout his economic record during his statements on Tuesday, standing on multiple statistics like deficit reduction and jobs added. However, it should be noted that both of these statistics are relative. Deficit reduction is only compared to the year before when the country was still in the woods on COVID. Or the government acted like it was, at any rate. The same goes for jobs. The number added is not from a healthy baseline but from the pits of an artificial economic recession brought on by lockdowns and checks. The majority of the jobs were expected to return on their own. Biden will also likely brag about lowering gas prices, which spiked due to inflation primarily caused by his policies.

The New York Post predicts that the President will claim he is attempting to secure the southern border and increase domestic oil production. Whether or not that’s true is debatable, but if he is, he again created the problem to begin with. In his first week in office, Biden used a flurry of executive orders to reverse many Trump-era border and oil production policies, stopping the wall’s construction and canceling the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Twitter users are already predicting the talking points.

Aside from policy, if history is any guide, Biden is likely to call for unity in the nation to position himself as a conciliatory moderate while also condemning conservatives as extremists. It wouldn’t be the first time. We’ll all find out for sure together on Tuesday night.

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