Biden Gets a Spanking from Florida Republicans During Visit to Tampa

While Americans across the country pack their bags for the sunny Florida weather, it seems the president is no exception. After a contentious Tuesday night State of the Union address, Joe Biden hightailed it out of Washington D.C., arriving in Tampa the following day. Biden spoke at the University of Tampa and received a less-than-warm reception from Republicans.

“Florida was NOT a smart place to go,” Newsmax host Benny Johnson tweeted, sharing an image of a UTampa student presenting a MAGA flag outside the speech hall.

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Biden traveled to the university to continue his Tuesday night tirade against republicans, repeating the tired lie that republicans are trying to end social security.

Biden may have found good company among the leftie professors and journalists at UTampa, but he quickly showed how out of touch he was with everyday Floridians when he gestured to guest Charlie Crist,

“And I can’t stand here and not tell you how much I admire Charlie Crist. Charlie? I don’t think you’re finished.”

Charlie was demolished by Ron DeSantis by a historic 20 points last November. The DeSantis War Room made sure to remind everyone of that on Twitter,

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The Florida GOP took aim at Joe Biden just moments after Air Force One touched the ground,

“If anyone needed a reminder as to why counties like Hillsborough and Pinellas flipped for Governor DeSantis, they have one today with Biden’s visit to Tampa. Biden and Democrats consistently put special interests over educators and students, inflationary spending over the best interests of American families, and open borders over American security.”

Biden, America’s oldest president, focused his speech on trying to reach America’s most senior voters. With a likely 2024 campaign announcement looming, Biden continued to spin stories about the GOP eliminating social security, hoping to frighten Florida’s retiree population into voting for him.

Florida wasn’t buying it.

Jason Weida, Secretary for the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, tweeted, “Just today, the President spoke about his desire to lower Rx drug costs for our seniors. He said this here in Florida—the same state whose Canadian Rx drug importation plan has sat stagnant on the desk of Biden’s FDA for over 800 days. Who is really in charge up in D.C.?”

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The agency’s deputy chief of staff, Brock Juarez, replied, “Biden whispering into a microphone makes as much sense as his advocation for lower Rx drug prices while simultaneously ignoring Florida’s proposal for a safe & cost-effective importation program that can lower prescription drug prices & yield cost savings for taxpayers.”

“So creepy…” one commentator wrote about the president’s whisper-talking.

“Welcome to Florida,” Said Senator Rick Scott, a frequent target of Joe Biden’s speeches. “Since you can’t stop talking about me and lying to Floridians about Social Security and Medicare, I’m sure you’ll accept my invitation to debate the issue. I’ll be back in Florida tonight. You pick the time and place.”

“REMINDER,” the Florida GOP tweeted after the speech. “Since Joe Biden took office: Nearly half of seniors have reported visiting a food pantry or applying for food stamps, about half of older Americans said they had to spend their emergency savings, nearly one million seniors have fallen into poverty.”

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Joe Biden speech without some hilarious flub.

“It’s not — look, you got — right now, there are a thousand trillionaires in Americas — I mean, excuse me, billionaires in America. A thousand,” Biden said, struggling. “It went up from six hundred and something — just in two years.”

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“Like I said, do you think a trillionaire should be staying at 3 percent?”

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