Biden Embarrasses Democratic Candidates and Himself at Florida Rally

President Biden has attended the fewest rallies of any President in recent American history.

After his performance on Tuesday night in Miami Gardens, Florida, it’s clear why he has shied away from the campaign trail, as his speech was filled with blunders and inaccuracies.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis went so far as to thank the President for coming to Florida to stump for Crist in an appearance on FOX News.

“I think it’s an in-kind contribution to my campaign. I just want to make the offer public: we will underwrite him to stay in Florida for the rest of the campaign.” DeSantis said.

Biden began by mixing up the war in Iraq with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine while attempting to explain to voters why gas prices have gone up under his Presidency.

“Inflation is a worldwide problem right now because of a war in Iraq and the impact on oil and what Russia is doing,” Biden told a crowd during a speech at O.B. Johnson Park, before he headed to Miami Gardens for a campaign rally with Crist and Demings. He caught the mistake, saying, “Excuse me, the war in Ukraine.”

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In an attempt to explain away the gaffe, he repeated an inaccurate statement that he’s made in the past, saying that his son Beau Biden died in Iraq. “I think of Iraq because that’s where my son died.” Beau Biden, a Delaware Army National Guard military lawyer, completed a year-long Iraq deployment. He died from cancer six years after his deployment.

During his rally at Miami Gardens, the lack of enthusiasm was evident before he even appeared on stage as Congresswoman and former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fl. had a “please clap” moment with the audience.

Schultz told the audience to “wake up” after an underwhelming response; they replied with scattered applause and cheers as she introduced the President.

Biden then resurrected an old lie that he went to college at a Historically Black College, or an HBCU.

He told students at Florida Memorial University that he went to Delaware State University, an HBCU.

There is no record of Biden attending Delaware State University, as he got his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Delaware and his law degree at Syracuse University.

While discussing Senator Rick Scott’s plan to reform Social Security and Medicare, Biden used a southern accent and what he claimed to be a southern phrase. Florida natives were confused as they claimed they had never heard the phrase before and mocked his accent.

Democratic candidates such as Charlie Crist and Val Demings surely invited Biden to Florida, hoping it would give them a last-minute boost. After Biden’s speech on Tuesday night, it’s not clear if he helped them or hurt them.

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