Biden Admin May Let Top Terrorists Escape Death Penalty – Families of 9/11 Victims Outraged

The families of the 9/11 victims are demanding action from the White House this week following a report that the Biden administration is considering a plea deal that would spare the lives of five vital terrorist operatives–including mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Notice was sent to the families earlier this month by the FBI and the Pentagon.

On Friday, the Chair of 9/11 Families United, Terry Strada, appeared on “Fox and Friends” to call out the “betrayal” by the Biden administration. Strada’s husband was among those killed in the attacks. Her organization is “a coalition of families and survivors of the worst-ever terrorist attacks on American soil.”

“It feels like a betrayal. It feels like the government is choosing to protect the mastermind, the perpetrators, the financiers, everyone that’s ever been involved with Sept. 11 and the murder of nearly 3,000 people on American soil,” she told host Carly Shimkus.

“This administration and past administrations have chosen to protect them over us.”

Strada urged the White House to reject the plea deal, saying they should “not have it on the table at all.”

“They deserve no mercy. When you go to Guantánamo Bay, and I’ve been there, you are shown their confession. They happily said they did it. They have no remorse. They would do it again, and they think Americans are stupid and that we deserve what we get when they come over and they terrorize us the way they did.”

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Several other family members have also spoken out.

Jim Riches is a retired deputy fire chief in New York City who lost his son Jimmy on Sept. 11. Like his father; Jimmy was a firefighter.

“How can you have any faith in it?” Riches told the Associated Press. He says he does not expect his son will ever see justice.

“No matter how many letters they send, until I see it, I won’t believe it.

Those guys are still alive… Our children are dead”

Peter Brady, whose father was killed in the attacks, told the outlet that the case “needs to go through the legal process.”

“It’s about holding people responsible, and they’re taking that away with this plea,”

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The original letter sent to the families informs them that while a plea agreement “may never be finalized,” it was possible that the Biden administration may take the death penalty off the table.

“The Office of the Chief Prosecutor has been negotiating and is considering entering into pre-trial agreements,” the Aug. 1 letter says, before adding that while no plea agreement “has been finalized, and may never be finalized, it is possible that a [pre-trial agreement] in this case would remove the possibility of the death penalty.”

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other four defendants have been held at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp since 2006. The Trump administration previously stated that it would not consider any plea agreements in dealing with the case. That policy has since changed under the Biden administration.

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