Biden Admin Allows Recording of All Your Calls to Medicare

The Biden administration gave itself permission to have all calls concerning Medicare recorded. No opt-out, no warning, no subpoena, or warrant is needed to pull the recording  and  keep the recording available for up to 10 years.

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Due to the onerous requirements, many recordings will not be stored securely.

How did they do this, and why are civil libertarians not screaming.?

Democrat model: “Never let a perceived crisis go to waste.”

Out of the approximately 70 million seniors with Medicare Advantage or prescription drug plans, there were 40,000 complaints. (Statistically 0%).

Medicare regulators ordered all phone and video calls to be recorded and held for ten years.

Biden Admin records Medicare Calls

Why should this be a problem, you ask? Many companies tell you they are recording phone calls.

Because American Airlines records phone calls for American Airlines to utilize in their business, with Medicare, the federal government is mandating that calls be recorded, so the government has access to these calls, not the various Medicare insurance companies.

And as previously stated, these recordings must be on file for ten years.

I believe the real reason unstated is that when seniors need to go into a nursing home, they must spend down their assets to Medicaid levels. This means you are destitute.

The government looks back five years to see if you’ve made money disappear by giving to family members or just hiding it. Imagine if they can go back five years with phone conversations with you discussing your finances and hear that you did not qualify for Medicaid four years ago because you had too much money in the bank. Where did that money disappear to?

Biden Admin Records Medicare Calls

There is no way to avoid call recordings at this time, but there are ways to minimize the conversation’s time and the extent to give yourself some protection.

Most health insurance agents dealing with Medicare will not take steps to minimize the content of the recordings.

Choose an agent that understands liberty and freedom.

Alan Huber is an experienced health insurance agent who resides in Boynton Beach, Florida he can be reached at 855-561-0500 or email [email protected]

This column is written pursuant to First Amendment protections and makes no recommendation or endorsement of any company or product.

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