BBC Host Nukes Twitter Account After Saying Israel ‘Happy to Kill Children’

A BBC journalist nuked her Twitter account on Wednesday, following backlash where she suggested live on air that Israel is “happy to kill children.” Reporter Anjana Gadgil appeared to close down her account following a Tuesday interview with former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, where she questioned a recent Israeli military operation in Palestine that left eleven militants dead, including four between the ages of 16 and 18. The BBC also later apologized for the line of questioning, saying that while the topic was “a legitimate subject to examine in the interview,” the “line of questioning was not phrased well and was inappropriate.”

In the Tuesday night interview, Gadgil had asked Bennett regarding the targeted strike in Jenin, Palestine,

“The Israeli military are calling this a ‘military operation,’ but we now know that young people are being killed, four of them under eighteen. Is that really what the military set out to do? To kill people between the ages of 16 and 18?”

“Quite to the contrary. Actually, all 11 people dead there are militants,” Bennett replied. “The fact that there are young terrorists who decide to hold arms is their responsibility.” The former Prime Minister added that many of the attackers who have killed dozens of Israelis over the past year had come from or been trained in Jenin.

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“Jenin has become an epicentre of terror. All the Palestinians that were killed were terrorists in this case.” ~ Naftali Bennett


“Terrorists, but children. The Israeli forces are happy to kill children,” Gadgil shot back.

“It’s quite remarkable that you would say that because they are killing us,” Bennett replied, seemingly stunned by the reporter’s comment.

He then repeatedly asked Gadgil how she would have defined a 17-year-old shooting at her family, but the reporter dismissed the line of questioning, saying, “We’re not talking about that.”

Shortly after the interview aired, Gadgil’s remarks sparked backlash online, prompting the reporter to deactivate her Twitter account.

Following the backlash, the BBC defended their reporter’s line of questioning but apologized for “inappropriate” phrasing.

“BBC News has received comments and complaints concerning an interview with Naftali Bennett broadcast on the BBC News channel about recent events in the West Bank and Israel. The complaints raised relate to specific interview questions about the deaths of young people in the Jenin refugee camp.

The United Nations raised the issue of the impact of the operation in Jenin on children and young people.

While this was a legitimate subject to examine in the interview, we apologise that the language used in this line of questioning was not phrased well and was inappropriate.”

“Suggesting that Israel is ‘happy to kill children’ has no basis in reality, and to spread this idea to audiences of millions undermines BBC impartiality,” Bennett later told the Jewish Chronicle after the interview.

“The public entrusts media outlets with the task of delivering fair, objective, and unbiased journalism. If they fail to fulfil this crucial duty, they must be prepared to face the consequences of being called out and held accountable.’’

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