Barney Bishop Sets Record Straight-Legacy Media Lied About Principal Fired Over Michelangelo’s David

Many of you have heard about the Florida principal allegedly fired for showing students a picture of a penis; the question that only Florida Jolt seems to have asked is, is this story true?

The image in question was from a class on artistic nudes, and this particular one was of Michelangelo’s David sculpture. Legacy media has quickly blown this up into a newsworthy story about the Florida Parental Rights in Education laws that caused a fantastic educator to get fired.

A story about a principal being let go for showing students Michelangelo’s sculpture of David went viral. Still, the real story isn’t the one you’ll hear about from legacy media because it doesn’t suit their narrative of the dangerous state of Florida wreaking havoc in schools.

In short, not really. This appears to be more brainwashing from a woke mob of liberal media outlets who want you to believe that conservatives want to take away rights for children. If you’re wondering why, it’s because Florida is about to expand last year’s Parental Rights Bill, dubbed by opponents as “Don’t Say, Gay,” from a law that covers pre-kindergarten through third grade to now go through eighth grade.  

Laws regarding teaching materials and books being closely scrutinized for age-level appropriateness have been on the books for years. These laws are being expanded during this year’s legislative session. Many are questioning these laws, and the result is that liberal legacy media is in a tailspin trying to ensure that the general public thinks parents having a say in what their children are exposed to is terrible. 

Condom Cartoon Mascot Character Holding A Sign. Although the message is responsible, many parents would be horrified if they knew a teacher showed something like this to their minor-aged children.

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Let’s take a step back. A few years ago, if you found out an adult showed a picture of a naked person, natural or cartoon, to a minor, or worse, found out that they showed pictures of people having sex, that adult could be arrested. Actions such as these were considered to be reckless and sick. Now the media will have you believe that anyone who wants to stop this kind of thing from happening is an unaccepting bigot. 

Should pictures of nudes be shown to sixth graders? I’m not sure. I can see why parents would think it’s inappropriate, and given that I studied artwork like this in college, I’m not sure of the benefit for a sixth grader. I know this wasn’t part of my elementary school education. In fifth grade, I wanted to read Judy Blume’s Forever. My mom read it first and decided I was too young to read it, but she felt it was OK to read in sixth grade, with the understanding that we would discuss the book together. 

I wanted to read Judy Blume’s Forever when I was in elementary school. My mother read it and felt it was better to wait until I was older. When she permitted me to read it, the condition was that the two of us would discuss it. Parents want to be involved with their children’s education.

So what happened in this school? A Tallahassee principal was told to resign by her school board. The chairman of this school board is Barney Bishop, someone I know. I called Bishop to find out what happened. Bishop explained that the artistic nude series is a course offered by the school to introduce students to western art culture. It has been offered to sixth graders for the past two and a half years and will continue to be offered. Parents of students are notified and must give permission. The parents weren’t told in this case, and a few complained. This was also not the first time this principal didn’t follow protocol. This incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

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Bishop went on to say that the result is that he has been getting many messages and calls from angry people all over the country. This story has blown up into something ugly because of leftists who don’t like his stance, the same stance the state has taken. Here’s what he wants Jolt readers to know.

Parents’ rights are supreme. We support Governor Ron DeSantis. He is doing the right thing for our children and our state; Parents are the most important stakeholders. They’re not going to decide what gets taught in our schools, but they have a right to be involved in the process, and we do have alternatives for the curriculum they may find controversial. -School Board Chairman Barney Bishop 

Parents are entitled to know what their children are being taught. The artistic nude series is taught to students as long as parents give permission. For other students, there is an alternative curriculum.

The truth of this story isn’t as dramatic as legacy media would have you believe, but now you know the real story minus the made-up woke message of dystopian doom. 

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