Balancing the Scales: Unmasking the Real Culprit Behind Florida’s Home Insurance Crisis

Dear Florida Jolt Editor,

This editorial team has done an outstanding job covering the frustrations that we all feel about the Florida home insurance crisis. Folks are feeling the pinch in the pocketbook, and I mean everyone: seniors, young folks, families, even small businesses.

A lot of folks have tried to say that it is the weather causing the problems. Some have said it is hurricanes and the recent tornadoes in the panhandle, but what folks don’t often talk about is the lawsuit problem.

There’s a reason why lawyers are all over billboards in the state. It has been easy to sue insurance companies here, and almost always, the companies have to pay anytime they settle for even the smallest of amounts. The problem is that every time there is a lawsuit, all of the sued insurance company’s policyholders have to bear that cost. That’s why I’m happy the legislature took some steps to put barriers up to frivolous lawsuits. I’m all for people being able to sue if there is a legitimate problem, but using my insurance carrier as an ATM in a frivolous lawsuit means that you are using me as an ATM. Insurance should be a backstop for catastrophic events – not a lottery ticket.

Ernest Rivera
Jacksonville, FL

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