Armstrong Williams: Biden’s Misguided Priorities

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Hawaii, once a symbol of nature’s grace, now lies devastated, a chilling semblance of a war zone. At least 100 lives have been lost to the flames of a devastating wildfire, with hundreds of homes obliterated and families shattered. But in the face of this profound tragedy, America’s President Joe Biden has responded with a suggestion that borders on the absurd. If you thought his disregard for the American people had reached its lowest point, think again. While the embers of destruction still glow in Hawaii, Biden has made a jarring proposal to Congress: provide an additional $24 billion in aid to Ukraine.

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Underneath America’s leadership, a perpetually angry and misguided segment of left-winged Americans has eroded our nation’s priorities. They argue that America should always be second to the needs of others. But this is not the America that the majority yearn for; it’s the America that those who resent our nation’s principles desire.

Our nation stands at a crossroads, grappling with a complex web of challenges that stretch far beyond typical crime and poverty. Among these challenges are the haunting problems of human trafficking and the trafficking of drugs and firearms. Yet, the threats we face are not limited to these insidious enterprises. Thousands of Americans fall victim to petty criminals every year through crimes such as carjackings and robberies.

When will the American people receive the attention and care that Ukraine gets? When will the homeless veterans, who once fought bravely for their nation only to be left in the cold, the needy families struggling to make ends meet, single mothers laboring to provide for their children, and the helpless, poor families waiting for a glimmer of hope receive the same level of commitment and assistance that Biden offers to a foreign nation?

The concern doesn’t end at Ukraine. We can cast our eyes to our own cities, like New York City, now facing a migrant crisis unparalleled in its history. It’s reminiscent of the European migration crisis of 2015, when open borders led to over 1 million migrants entering the EU. New York’s far-left city council and state politicians are now grappling with the aftermath of such policies. Tens of thousands of migrants are now dispersed across New York’s cities, burdening communities large and small with both actual and unrealized fears.

Will those who feign righteousness, those who boldly fly the Ukrainian flag outside their homes, who offer to take migrants into their homes, who march in protests in support of Ukraine, and who decry the right for simply asking that we take care of our own first also fly the flag of Hawaii?

Of course they won’t, and we all know why. It’s because there’s a prevailing yet misguided doctrine that America is so powerful and mighty that when its own people are harmed, we can conveniently ignore them, treating them as though they are privileged and unworthy of attention. Pay no mind to the stark contrast between images of overindulgence and peaceful streets in many Ukrainian cities under threat of conflict and the devastation on the ground in Hawaii. This selective empathy is obvious. It’s hypocrisy at its finest, and it clearly shows that those who stand for righteousness falter when their own countrymen are in need.

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While my heart aches for the Ukrainians affected by this war, and I vehemently believe in halting Vladimir Putin’s aggression, America cannot turn a blind eye to its internal struggles. America’s families are faced with choosing which meals to skip, struggling to pay rent or managing unexpected expenses. I ask you, Joe Biden, when will these families receive the same assistance you provide to everyone else?

So, what shall we do for the displaced people from Hawaii? Will we abandon them? No. We must treat them better than we treat everyone else, for any expense spared is a blot on our national honor. I urge our government to welcome displaced Hawaiians with more than just open arms. They deserve five-star hotel accommodations, luxurious meals, free health care and child care. Why? Because that’s how we should treat Americans. And yet, it’s how we’re currently treating the migrants.

“America First” has been wrongly maligned due to the left’s deliberate misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the principle. It’s about preserving a nation’s dignity, offering help, and utilizing resources wisely without exhausting them. The American people’s welfare must not be sacrificed for Ukraine or the migrants crossing our borders. Perhaps time will tell whether we will be able to provide them assistance. But, until that day comes, America must first care for its own.

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