‘Are We Under Attack?’ – Trump Jr. Raises Questions After Four Major Train Derailments Rock United States

Four major train derailments have rocked the U.S. since the start of February, and Donald Trump Jr. is suggesting it may not be a coincidence.


“Are we under attack? Does anyone believe you can have all of these major train derailments, all with severe environmental consequences, and it’s just total coincidence? Why have we not seen anyone even asking if this is perhaps retribution for our supposed attack on Nordstream 2?”

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The derailment of a Norfolk Southern train in East Palestine, OH, on Feb. 3 left an environmental disaster in its wake. Toxic chemicals spewed from the wreck, including phosgene, an agent used to kill soldiers in World War One. Sudden animal deaths were reported miles from the accident, and oily substances cloud the rivers.

Ten days after the East Palestine disaster struck, two more trains derailed. More than a dozen train cars were derailed in Texas after being slammed by an 18-wheeler. Later that day, another train derailed in Enoree, South Carolina. A fourth derailed in Michigan on Feb. 16, belonging to the same company as the East Palestine freight train.

“We’ve had train wrecks day in and day out for the past week, coincidentally, right after a report about our possibly taking out Russia’s Nordstrom 2 pipeline, and yet not a single reporter has asked if perhaps it’s a retaliation against our critical infrastructure,” Trump Jr. tweeted on Thursday.

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In September 2022, the Nordstream 2 pipeline exploded after what has been widely accepted as an act of sabotage. The pipeline was owned by Russia and connected to Germany through the Baltic Sea. Russia accused the United States of destroying the pipeline but did not provide any evidence.

On Feb. 8, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh posted a report to his Substack detailing that U.S. Navy divers had detonated charges on the pipeline, using nearby navy exercises as a cover. The report cited an anonymous source with “direct knowledge of the operational planning” of the attack. The White House has rejected Hersh’s report as “utterly false.”

Trump Jr. suggested that there was a connection between the alleged U.S. sabotage of Nordstream 2 and the recent string of train derailments.

“I hope that’s not the case but does anyone believe in this much coincidence? Has the last few years not taught us to ask these basic questions? Is media that’s stupid and or bought and paid for that they wouldn’t even be questioning it? WTF?”

Trump Jr. also accused the Biden administration of ignoring the Norfolk Southern derailments due to the populations of East Palestine and Van Buren, Michigan, being primarily white. The Biden administration previously maintained that East Palestine would not be eligible for a federal disaster declaration or FEMA aid.

“Maybe if the people of East Palestine Ohio pretend they’re Palestinians from the Middle East, the Biden administration will actually pay some attention to them and send them aid.”

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Former president Donald Trump announced Friday that he would visit East Palestine and meet with residents. Later that day, FEMA reversed its position and announced it would send federal resources.

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