AOC Rants at NY Post & GOP House Members Over ‘Half Fake’ Hunter Biden Laptop Story [VIDEO]

She claimed that the story that originated with Post regarding the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop was ‘half-fake’ before also laying into senior Republican committee members, saying that they are ‘weaponizing’ it for political purposes.

She also defended Twitter’s censorship of the article on the eve of the 2020 Presidential election.

“We’re talking about Hunter Biden’s half-fake laptop story. I mean, this is an embarrassment,” the third-term Representative raged. Cortez said that the Committee should be focused on issues like abortion and civil rights.

“It’s an abuse of public resources…We could be talking about health care…We could be talking abortion rights, civil rights, voting rights” She said.
C-SPAN published the entire speech where the Representative disparaged her House colleagues and repeated talking points debunked for months.

AOC had a verbal flub when she confused the liberal Washington Post with the New York Post,  — “I think that the story here with the New York, with the Washington Post reporting” — the statement only continued to go downhill from there as she cited articles that were contradicted in the recent past.

Cortez mentioned a Washington Post article that cited left-wing sources who later retracted their statements, saying that the New York Post faced a “roadblock” in trying to corroborate the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which included illicit activity and pornographic content.

Twitter Execs Humiliated & Threatened with Arrest by House for ‘Interfering’ in 2020 Election

Hunter Biden is still reportedly under investigation related to tax crimes and false statements made to authorities, and investigating officials have alluded to the fact that they are using contents from Hunter Biden’s laptop to aid their investigation.

Hunter and Joe Biden have mostly remained quiet about the ongoing Department of Justice investigation.  Last week, Hunter Biden’s attorneys sent a letter to the DoJ requesting that they investigate Republicans for ‘stealing’ his laptop.

Still, Cortez defended Twitter’s censorship of the New York Post article, claiming that they published it without ‘corroboration’ and dismissing concerns that it was politically motivated despite evidence to the contrary.

“The New York Post had this alleged information and was trying to publish it without any corroboration, without any backup information, they were trying to publish it to Twitter, Twitter would not let them — and now they are upset,” Ocasio-Cortez claimed.

Then, the New York Representative made even more inflammatory accusations, calling the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop ‘explosive disinformation.’

“I believe that political operatives who sought to inject explosive disinformation with the Washington Post couldn’t get away with it,” she continued.

People were quick to point out that AOC was seemingly operating on outdated information, as even left-leaning news outlets have confirmed the authenticity of the laptop.

Cortez ended by saying that Republicans are looking into Twitter censorship of the New York Post story because they ‘want to’ spread ‘misinformation’ on social media platforms.

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“They’re livid, and they want the ability to do it again. They want the ability to inject this again. They are weaponizing the use of this committee.” She said.

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