Americans Roast Britain After Videos of Fainting Soldiers Go Viral – ‘How Did They Colonize India?’

A recent interaction on Twitter involving London guards, temperatures, and air conditioning has gone viral, with many getting a kick out of the responses from many users.

This all started when a Tweet from the news agency ITV news mentioned that a London guard fainted after temperatures passed 30 degrees Celsius, which is around 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and that this temperature was considered ‘overwhelming’ to some of the soldiers there.

A self proclaimed socialist who goes by the user @_PigginTeaBreak on Twitter, made a triggered threat to Americans who ‘lament about how 30C isn’t hot.’ He also made the claim that the summers in the U.K. are in fact worse than summers in the deep south.

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Even his clarification about how the outside temperatures in the US are far worse than the UK could not stop the onslaught of replies from Americans that made fun of his statements. Many users were not afraid to call him a big baby, with many mocking the British accent in the replies. 

One reply in particular decided to call him out in the most straightforward way:

The socialist then garnered up the courage to reply on how the user probably grew up in a house in America that was built for the climate.

Not only did he accidently prove that American houses are built far better than the UK houses, but he also showed that he was ignorant on the fact that the video has nothing to do with AC but everything to do with building heat resistance, which is a capability that every human is able to do.

Other users decided to take a different approach in clowning on the socialist, with many of them mentioning how the fainting has more to do with the outfits of the soldiers rather than the heat itself.

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Some users detailed on how standing and locking your knees for an extended period of time can cause you to faint, and this could have been the cause of the fainting in the first place. 

Even with the two theories circulating, many users decided to take the mocking approach, with many users telling the socialist off by telling his claims were completely false.

One ‘Deep South’ user went as far as to explain their experience in the UK weather:

As an American in London this very week, the outside temps are hot but not that hot. Nothing like home in Miami. Sleeping in the apartment without fans or air conditioning is quite difficult. I’m not sure why the UK and EU don’t have more window AC units. – @DocKilmer on Twitter

After the onslaught of tweets completely dismantling his original opinion, the socialist decided to double down on his belief on UK weather by writing the following tweet:

The replies to this tweet were spot on, with many posting anti-UK memes in response.

A question asking why the UK doesn’t install AC units prompted one user to post statistics about the UK, with them comparing the UK to Texas:

Users mostly replied to the triggered tweet with facts about how much better the US is than the UK in terms of freedoms.

It is unclear if the British man ever admitted defeat in the Twitter war waged against him.

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