America Reacts to Rep. Mike Rodgers ‘Lunging’ at Matt Gaetz During Speaker Battle

The negotiations that led to Representative Kevin McCarthy, R-Ca. finally being elected Speaker of the House on the 15th vote was tense and amplified the animosity between different factions of the Republican Party, as Rep Mike Rodgers trying to physically attack Rep. Matt Gaetz illustrated.

Amidst the chaos that was without precedent since before the Civil War, Representative Matt Gaetz, R-Fl. one of the leaders of the anti-McCarthy faction, nearly got into a scuffle with Representative Mike Rogers, R-In.

After McCarthy failed to secure the top job on the 14th vote, the incident was captured on video as Representative Richard Hudson, R-Nc. was forced to restrain Rogers when he attempted to lunge at Gaetz.

Politicians and media members quickly responded to the event, with most expressing shock as the event would have made history once again as the first time that U.S. House members got into a physical altercation in almost 40 years.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga. said that “Mike Rogers lost his temper and was basically going to, you know, put his hands on Matt. And it was actually Richard Hudson — grabbed Mike Rogers from behind and pulled him away.’

She added, ‘So yeah, that was completely out of line. And then I’m sure it’ll be dealt with.’

Representative Patrick McHenry, R-Nc. chimed in about the scuffle, saying, ‘I’ve seen three or four moments like – that would even approach that in my 18 years, and that, that might have just taken the cake.’

Rogers was expected to Chair the influential House Armed Services Committee, a position that Gaetz also reportedly was interested in.

It’s unclear whether his viral outburst will affect his committee assignments.

McCarthy had a moment with Gaetz as well after he voted Present on the 14th vote, denying him the top job once again, though it was not clear what was said in their exchange.

Representative Tim Burchett, R-Tn. spoke candidly at a time when many Republicans were trying to de-escalate tensions.

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The Representative reportedly said that he would drop Rogers ‘like a bag of dirt’ and remarked that people shouldn’t be ‘drinking’ on the House floor.

Democrats and their allies in the media were quick to seize on the issue to mock the drama that unfolded during the Speaker’s vote, with one user saying, “Rep. Mike Rogers had to be physically restrained from attacking Matt Gaetz on the floor. Your 2023 Republican Party”

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